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Was at rehab yesterday and I am the only one with an oxy bottle on my back..............but cracked on with everything, although the speed walk does fair wear me out, then the wall presses and sit to stands..........phew! Then we stop for coffee and biccies and have a general chat, supposedly about diet and the effects of certain foods, but generally turns in to a free for all and the two staff have trouble coping lol!. So have had a lazy day today, managaed 40 mins in the woods with the dog and have been working out how to use my new Samsung phone, could do with a ten year old to show me whats what?.

Back to rehab tomorrow...............phew, this being ill is hard work.

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Know what you mean about the telephone.


Sounds like you did really well at rehab Romfty, keep up the good work! xx


Smiled when i read your post.

I loved rehab. Gained confidence to get out more. I can't walk far at all. But I can now go out of on my own!

No tea and biccies for us though!

I now to to BLF Exercise Class once a week. Its hard work, but beneficial.

Our instructor likes Abba, so on they go for the warm up and we wheeze along with them.

I've also got a new Samsung -S4 Mini. My friend's 14 year old is very handy!

Take care.

Ann ☺


Are'nt kids clever?..............I've got a Samsung S6 and it's very challenging, but amazing all the same. Must look into BLF classes. Thanks.


Keep the good work going at rehab, I enjoyed it when I did it. As for the phone, just keep playing with it, hopefully it will make sense eventually. Take care x


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