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Musical treats this week-end

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Last Friday Pat and I went to Liverpool for a short break and to see a Neil Diamond tribute act.Well we waved our arms and joined in the chorus like good uns and really enjoyed the time spent,not to mention the bar. Next day we had time to get a bit of retail.therapy before setting off back.home. I really love the exprience of meeting Liverpudlians some of the freindliest people on earth .We listened to a free gig by Intercity Blues Band for half an hour great foottapping head nodding tunes. Then walking on about a hundred yards we heard.a street musician singing Snow Patrol .So again we sat and enjoyed some fine singing and guitar playing by a young, tall, handsome,talented Irish lad. Jealous mois !!!. It was then.I first saw George dancing. The dance was of his own invention and at times missed the beat. He danced alone in an area infront of our entertainer, and waited patiently berween.songs. The young Irish man said that wheneve he busked in.Liverpool George would appear rain or shine . He was the best dancer the singer told us all. There were a minority who looked mockingly at George has he danced on regardless. Most like Pat and me smiled in.the knowledge that he danced for the pure love of it and nothing anyone might think would change that.

On the Sunday morning I took.two of our dogs high up on the moors.I used to be able to walk there but its by car nowadays for a gentle stroll. A young couple strode past us with instrument cases on their backs. They stopped a short distance from me and , sitting on some rocks unpacked a guitar and fiddle which they began to play. The sky was heavy with clouds and the music they made fed off the atmosphere and got under my skin, so I danced, more of a shuffle really. This ones for you George I thought . The dogs liked it and so did I

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well done. A great weekend!

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Thanks piggi had a smashing time

That sounds like you had a brilliant weekend, just up my street, all that music, and most for free!! Good on George, doing what he loves, regardless of what people think, more of us should be like that, enjoying the moment without a care. I went to a Neil Diamond tribute for my hen night, 9 years ago, had a really good time, Neil's always been 1 of my favourite singers. I know what you mean about Liverpudlians, we went for a weekend last November, and had a wonderful time. We went to all the famous landmarks, and ended up in the Cavern for a few bevvies. Such fun.

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Yes such a lot to see and do and mostly free ..very appealing to a Yorkshire man

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And to a Yorkshire woman, although not born and bred here, I have lived here most of my life now.


Sounds like you had a great weekend.

Glad you enjoyed it 😊


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Thank you rubyred777

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Wow it sounds like you really enjoyed yourselves. Lovely. I have been to Liverpool once and I wanted to do the Beatles tour. We found Matthew Street, and the tavern which was closed. But then this nice woman appeared and let me go down for a quick look. She said only 1 part of it is original and pointed it out to me. The rest of it had been rebuilt after it had been destroyed by building the shopping centre many years ago.

We tried to find the Beatles museum but ran out of time. We also decided to cross the Mersey but just missed the boat :O We ended up in a pub by the ferry called 'The Pump Room's. We found everyone so friendly and nice. It was mid winter and very cold and my friend being obese she couldn't move quickly so I had to leave her and walk very quickly (before copd) to keep myself warm. :) Want to go back again one day. x

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Hope you do have the chance to go again coughalot2. Pick the summertime when all.the outdoor festivals are.on every type of music offered you are sure to find something

Sounds like you had a brilliant weekend.