Have problems at work with asthma

When I an working in a hot shop my asthma worsens I have had a slight attack and I've had to tell one of the bosses that i I have an atack major one have to be sent to hospital I've had four attacks in my life ,I also havee exma and cerisis can't spell them skin conditions ,how can I help my asthma at work when I am on a till all day ,my shop is very hot and the air conditioning don't work very well in it .I bring my inhalers to work all the time and drink water when It is hot any advice ?

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  • You must tell your boss to get the air-conditioning fixed as he is breaking rules for employee's to make sure there health and safety is first and foremost especially those with health issues so please tell him

  • Call the BFL helpline tomorrow when they open. They will be able to advise you on your health issues.

  • I agree with Jimmy do not except working conditions to make him money while you are in a risky. Environment . Fix the air conditioning or don't work for him, human rights!!!?

  • I am sure it would do good to ring ACAS. They can give you advice on employment issues and how far the 'duty of care' goes with regard to fixing the air con. What ever you do you need to get evidence together. Times dates and what was said. If your boss is unreasonable he might just prefer to get you out which is not what you want. Ring ACAS they will give you advice and have template letters which you may need to send.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.


  • Would your boss let you bring in a fan to use - if there is anywhere to put it? Ah no it would have to be PATested every year so better he buys one. if you do that remember not to blow the air directly on your face.

  • Are you living and working in the uk or abroad Beacattle? The Health and Safety are more rigidly adhered to here.

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