Tough Day

Saturday. Felt breathless getting up, as usual. Taken Spiriva and symbicourt. Did Laundry. Started loading machine at 9:30 then at 12 hung sheets on line. Took 30 minutes to hang 2 sheets and 6 pillow cases. Then another assorted load took 2 hours. Finally everything off the line by 18:30. Luckily my gorgeous niece is coming tomorrow to make bed with clean sheets. Just managed to make myself simple dinner then exhausted went to bed.

Sunday. Gorgeous niece made bed sorted out other stuff and then I drove her to the garage so she could fill my car up. I am an oxygen min 1/2 litre a day women so for the 5 minute trip I didn't wear any for obvious reasons. So now I have a full tank and clean sheets. What more could a woman ask for!

Hope you are all having a nice day.


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  • What more indeed! What a lovely niece.

    Mine are all hundreds of miles away. My youngest daughter is near but I am reluctant to ask her to do stuff. She would be very willing, too willing...

    We manage just very slowly...

    Love and hugs

    K xx

  • I live alone but luckily I also have two sisters who come once a week to help make bed etc. Sometimes if I feel ok I will drive into town on a Sunday and meet them to shop. I can't do much walking so I get one of those mobility scooters which are marvellous.

    Take care


  • Sometimes it really is the simplest of things that are so meaningful, enjoy your freshly made bed xxxx

  • How true. Also, although I am pretty exhausted I feel as though I have accomplished something.

    Take care


  • What a lovely Niece you have Malinka.

    After it taking 30 mins to hang out your bedding, you must have been exhausted.

    I'm in the minority that doesn't like the smell of line dried bedding. It's the dryer for me. I especially love to get into still warm sheets. Heaven. xx

  • Thanks for replying. At least in the winter you can justify using the dryer. In the summer everything dries so quickly whereas in the winter the dryer takes forever. However, much less stress. It is a conundrum.

    Look after yourself


  • enjoy your nice clean sheets. mmmmmmmmm :-)

    jan x

  • Thanks Jan.

    All the best


  • I have a terrible time putting out washing I dread doing it .I use the rope to hold me up while I get my breath fell so useless.

  • I know what you mean about the awful breathlessness. I peg one piece on line then sink into a chair to recover and then onto the next.

    All the best


  • I don't put washing out anymore, can't manage it, dryer for me all year round.

    take care

    poly xx

  • I agree it is an ordeal. It just takes so long in the dryer. See how I feel next Saturday weather permitting.

    All the best


  • So glad you have a helpful niece. Love the smell and feel of clean sheets.

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