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Thanks...what a nice bunch you all are

I would just like to say a big all of you who replied to my first post...what an amazing bunch you all are....

I feel a lot more positive about giving up smoking now.....I'm pleased to hear the champix worked for so many of you...Just a bit concerned about the side effects...I've heard a few things.....being.....nightmares....sleepless nights....etc

But I suppose everyone is different...I'm not put off by this....just a bit concerned....but if I don't take the tablets...I will never know....

So it's upwards and onwards for me.....

Barb x

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Well the side effects could not possibly be as bad as the side effects of

Cigarettes. It's worth trying.


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Thanks Hannah....I will use the champix....and continue with them....



All the very best of luck to you. If you do suffer from sleepless nights then maybe your Doc could prescribe a sleeping pill for a while. As for nightmares well dymotapp which i was given for a heavy cold at one time gave me the most awful nightmares or day mares but the worst thing was that you couldn't wake up from them as you would normally do because dymotapp also put you to sleep. It was such fun on that. but cleared the cold within days with no recourse to antibiotics.

Hope everything goes well for you.

Love and hugs




make sure you have food with them because made my wife feel sick if she took them on empty stomach


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