Progress is going well!

Some of you may remember that I had an accident in December, fractured my pelvis and dislocated my elbow and was immobile for a month, well here is an update on my progress, hope I am not boring anyone.

In the last couple of months I have been able to get my own lunch, hang out the washing, cook a dinner for my husband and I. I went to Bingo a couple of times but found it too much as I am so tired by the time it finishes at 9.30. I have been driving since March and have driven to Hastings and Cornwall. I have also been able to visit my Mother in her residential home, it was the parking that got me there! Oh and I can walk round the supermarket with a trolley to do the weekly shop.

I went to see my consultant last week and my spirometer etc. readings were the same as before the accident and my sats were up by 10%. Just thought some of you may liike to know how I was getting on! Keep smiling.

Carole x

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  • That's great , really pleased that you have come along so well .x

  • Oh dear Carole,you have been in the wars! Sorry must have missed the posting about it,whilst immersed in my own probs!

    So glad things are better for you now,& you certainly are meeting it all head on,good on you! Don't over do it though!

    May you continue to do so well,take care,

    Hugs,love Wen xxxx

  • Well done Carole, some great achievements in a short time, and keeping your sats up is brilliant. Go on girl xx

  • You really are amazing Carole! 😀 what a good recovery you are making and always so positive and cheerful , I am so pleased you're on the mend and good results well done!😀💐💐💐

    hugs huff xxx

  • Well done. One strong woman. Keep at it.

    Love and hugs

    K xxxx

  • It sounds as though you are doing great, just don't rush things.

  • Hi Carole, pleased to hear how well you are doing. Well done, I guesss it's been a hard slog to get this far. Take care, Margaret x

  • Lovely to hear how you are progressing ,you seem to be doing very well

    Take care


  • Hi Carole, it's lovely to hear from you. It's great to know how well you have progressed but, I won't be the only that isn't surprised by your fighting back to your previous level, because we all know your such a positive and determined person.

    Don't stay away from us so long next time, your missed on here. xx

  • Hi Carole, good to see you on here, It is nice to get an update and so glad you are on the mend.

    You take care and don't work yourself too hard.

    polly xx

  • Glad to hear things are improving for you.

  • Great to hear from you Carole and I am pleased that things are definitely on the up. I do remember your very nasty accident so it is uplifting to see you are doing much better now. Do keep us updated and stay well. xxxx

  • I am glad to hear you have recovered so well, Carole.

  • Good to hear you're on the mend. :)

  • Hi Carole,sats up 10%?I might have to try having an accident,or maybe not knowing my luck it would be the opposite out come.Glad to hear you,re back on your feet,hope life is happier for you now.Regards D. 💐

  • Hello Farmer,

    Life is always happy for me, I just look on the bright side all the time!

  • So glad that you have recovered and are doing so well. Just hanging out washing exhausts me! Keep it up.

    Take care


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