Newly diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer stage 3A

Hi all I'm Maggie and I'm 55. I have been undergoing investigations for increased breathlessness over the last couple of months. I was diagnosed with COPD in November last year and thought this was just not very well controlled but no I have stage 3A squamous non small cell lung cancer in my left lung. Had hope to have surgery but further tests showed that one of the lymph nodes is also involved. Saw my Consultant today and she has recommended a very rigorous treatment plan of chemo and radio therapies to be given together for four weeks with weekends being treatment free. Which to be honest sounds a bit brutal but she is hopeful that it might cure this cancer.

I just wanted to ask if anyone here has had this treatment regime and if so how did they manage with it??

I would be very grateful for any information or tips as I believe that forewarned is forearmed!!

Hope you are all feeling as well as you can.

Kind Regards

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  • You really are going through it ,sorry I cannot help but am sure someone will be along who can help you sending you very gentle hugs and lots of good wishes

  • Thank you very much starveycat

  • Hi and welcome, I was wondering if you had looked at the Roy Castle site on Health Unlocked...that may have more people that can help you. I know that there are some people here being treated for cancer as well.

    Best wishes

  • Hi knitter yes I have also posted on the Roy Castle site thanks. I first joined this site earlier this year because I was first diagnosed with COPD and I was really impressed with the kind and friendly help and support that i read. As you say there are some people on this site with cancer and I thought that they might be able to help. Thank you so much for replying hope you are as well as you can be. Kind regards Maggie

  • Hi Maggie and welcome. I can't help with advice on the treatment you'll undergo but, I can't help but comment on the fact that your Consultant, seems pretty confident on the outcome, which is good and although gruelling, the treatment length seems quite short, which again, sounds good. All the best for the future xx

  • Thank you so much casper99 and yes my consultant is very positive which helps xx

  • Hi Maggie, join Fred (smiler) and me in our fight with cancer.

    I'm undergoing chemo at the moment. Due to have my sixth session next Friday.

    I have one week one session Carbo/Gem next week Gem only. Eleven day break.

    I'm on palliative treatment.

    I have stage 4 Squamous.

    May be starting radiotherapy after this sixth chemo.

    Partial remission after fourth cycle.

    Good luck. It will be tough but stay positive and keep yourself as healthy as possible.

    What area are you and which Hospital will you attend?

    Love Suzyxxx

  • Hi Suzy thanks for getting back to me and I will joy you and Fred in the good fight!! Thanks for your advise . It sounds like you treatment is already well underway keep strong xx I am in Scotland and will be attending the Beatson Hospital West of Scotland Cancer Centre. I will spend the next couple of weeks before my treatment starts making sure that I am as fit and healthy as possible. I am very lucky because I don't have any other health problems. Take care Maggie xxx

  • Hi Maggie, I live in Kent and attend Guys Hospital in London. Good luck and keep in touch. Love Suzyxxx

  • Hello Maggie 1960, sorry to hear of your latest diagnosis. Maybe the Macmillan nurses on line could help or by telephone. As I understand it the treatment you are being offered is the best in your circumstances, also apparently radiotheraphy is helpful for the breathing too. Good luck with the treatment and hope it is successful. I am sure others with similar treatment will get in touch with you on site to answer your concerns. xx

  • Thank you katieoxo60, People have been very kind and reassuring its really good to have a site like this where I can get that kind of support. Take care Maggie xx

  • Hope everything goes well for you. I have no experience but from what others have said know it will not be easy all the way through for you. Am sure you will cope brilliantly though.

    Take care and keep in touch so that we know how you are getting along.



  • Thank you so much Sian and I will keep in touch as best I can.



  • Hello and welcome Maggie, stay strong and positive, you've been given some good advice, Sally xx

  • Thank you Sally all the advice and support has been much appreciated. Regards

    Maggie xx

  • Sending gentle hugs and prayers Maggie, praying that the treatment works and that it isn't too hard on you. xxx

  • Thank you very much for your prayers and kind words.

    Maggie xxx

  • Hi Maggie,

    I cannot say I've gone through what you're going through, but I wish you the best and and a pain free journey. You will definitely find others on this forum who have gone through this and will hopefully find comfort in talking with them.

    Best regards, Beep

  • Hi Beep

    Thank you for your reply. It is good to know that there are people out there who will take the time to think of others. I so appreciate all of the people who have taken the time to respond to me.


    Maggie xx

  • Sorry cant help u with an answer but as other ppl have said there is bound 2 b some 1 who can help u. Hugs & kisses. Xx

  • hi maggie1960

    My mum went through treatment at the beatson and they are wonderful. Hope all goes well sure it will consultants don't normally say that unless they are pretty sure of a good outcome. Keep strong and positive thinking about you keep us all posted as and when you can

  • Hi Maggie

    I have had COPD for 8 years now and was diagnosed almost two years ago with non small cell lung cancer. Unfortunately because of my COPD the surgeon at the Brompton & Harefield decided i was too high risk for surgery. I thought that was a death sentence and almost fell apart. My oncologist started chemotherapy immediately after followed by intense course of radiotherapy. It did shrink my tumour but I am palliative care only. I have now been given the drug Tarceva which keeps the cancer at bay. I have been on this for around nine months now. I do have days when I am very tired and all I want to do is sleep then I have days when I have the energy to run around with my 3 year old grandson! Well not exactly run around but actively play with him. So however grim things seem sometimes there is always hope things will improve. Don't read the websites like I did they are so out of date they frightened the life out of me. I find joining this forum much better. I don't often post but get great comfort knowing it is here. I am pleased for you it sounds like your oncologist is very supportive and is doing his very best to endure you get the best treatment. Have confidence in him and talk any worries through with him just write them down so you remember each visit as it is so easy to forget. Chemo was but ajways easy but manageable as was radiotherapy. I won't deny I had the usual sickness diorrahea even lost my hair but now it has grown back I have the Judi Dench look my friends and family tell me. Your onco and Macmillan nurses should tell you exactly what symptoms you can expect with your treatment.

    Just remember I and lots of others are here to offer you support along this journey.

    Massive hugs

    Carole xx

  • Hi Carole

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you before now. Thank you for your kind words. I have just had to have some fluid taken from my lung cavity (the left one has collapsed because of the cancer) and there was a bit of fluid build up. They have sent it to the labs to see if the cancer has spread into the lung cavity. If it is cancer then it will change my treatment plan I think. However I will worry about that when and if I have to, Meanwhile just trying to build myself up so that when I am undergoing treatment I will have as much in reserve as I can. Got to keep positive

    Thank you again xxx

  • No thanks necessary my friend. I'm sorry I have only just read your reply as I have been a bit poorly for a few weeks. Xx

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