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Report? But Who To?

Report to whom?

This is the problem...the Animal Sanctuary...the term sticks in my throat under the auspices of the I.S.P.C.A...

The Irish equivalent of the R.S.P.C.A.

The I.S.P.C.A. are supposed to provide support and organise volunteers and fundraising...

The only people I've ever met who have a position in the I.S.P.C.A are jumped up eejits who'd loathe getting fur on their trousers and have never emptied a litter box in their lives and have no intention of beginning now...

Remember I wrote once about trying to find some Donkeys straying in the forest? With a dozy prat of a girl? She was the I.S.P.C.A. Inspector for the entire Connaught region...

The little Staffie we found on the bog one day? We took him to the Treasurer of the local branch and she refused point blank to take him in...I told her I'd let him out on the main road was only then she agreed...very reluctantly indeed...and I had to shut him in her bathroom...she wouldn't touch the poor little bugger...

So reporting the scraggy cats with runny eyes and snotty noses...the stinking litter trays and the crusty feeding dishes... isn't really going to be an option.

When I used to go out with Maureen, picking up feral cats and Foxes and maggot ridden sheep, among many other assorted waifs and strays...we'd all too often share the animals out between us rather than deliver them to the various shelters...sweet talk Vets into giving us the free samples of meds they'd been given by Reps...I'd bat my eyelashes at handsome young Vets and be given syringes and spray-on bandages and instant lessons on how to inject a wriggling spitting cat or how to pick up an injured Fox without getting my hand bitten off...

But the I.S.P.C.A. refused point blank to give us any funding...they paid Maureen petrol money for a week...then withdrew it because she 'took it upon herself to catch straying animals'...

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Oh Vashti I can well believe it, listen how is Murphy doing? You might have said

And I might have missed it as I was laid low today as in the hospital all



Hannah x


It's such a shame that any animal has to live in such conditions,I just can't get my head round the fact that no organisation gives a damn,,this is cruelty,so sad, no wonder certain dogs come over to our charities.

Hope you have some good news about little Murphy at least he will have a good kind home.


Sad to say I have had a similar problem, both I and some friends have asked for help and got nowhere. I won't donate anymore and a chugger who came to my door last week got short shrift

I have taken and paid for animals at the vets, my friend has spent a fortune on neutering cats and kittens. I know some people will think us crazy....but.

Anyway I hope you and Himself are well, not too stressed and Murphy improving.

Take care


I no longer give to the RSPCA,I donated monthly for years,but heard such stories from all different areas that I cancelled my payment,so Dogs Trust now get double as they get the RSPCA donation too.

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In my experience the R S P C A never once either offered help or advice, they just passed on contact numbers of organisations that weren't remotely connected to animal welfare. They never get my donations now.

If you got a receipt in any form for Murphy you could contact Trading Standards. you got this little fellow on the back of deception. If they are unable to help directly they will suggest other agencies to explore. good luck with this and I hope Murphy will have the best possible outcome. Polly x

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I am going to look into the question of animal welfare in Eire. I don't know if the EU have any laws to cover the situation.

I would also like to add that UK laws are much stricter and heavily enforced when it comes to the welfare of farm animals,

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I had a hunt around on Google and found these links, they might possibly be useful.

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These look useful for anyone looking for help,I feel sad for any animal that is not cared for and loved.


Thank you As for these links.


Hi Vashti, I hope Murphy is getting better, have you thought about writing (which you do extremely well) to the local paper or local TV news to see if they would take it up for you. These people need naming and shaming.

take care

polly xx

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Watched a few programs recently extolling the virtues of the RSPCA . Those being filmed going through their paces looked to be doing a sterling job but myself and others in our neighbourhood lost confidence in the RSPCA long ago, when our children were still young.

While playing out and about they'd sometimes come across injured or abandoned animals and come rushing home for help. In those days with no other animal charities or rescue organisations available we'd ring the RSPCA if we couldnt deal with it ourselves but were ignored, time after time.

Understand that their main purpose is to investigate cases of cruelty and neglect but it was hard for us to justify their indifference to the plight of an injured animal.


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