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Hope for the future

Hi All

I have been so busy with work of late I have not been around. I hope you are all doing ok. I am still doing research into Lung conditions and found this which will hopefully develop into something that can help us all.

Breath easy

Your friend


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Thanks Justin, the article is very heartening. It's great to hear that they are actually putting more effort into trying to heal us rather than keeping us 'ticking over' with iffy medication and a poor quality of life.

The things they are finding out now, could finally mean the curing of many, many diseases.

It seems to me like, the scientists have found lots of pieces of a big jigsaw puzzle and they are now on the verge of finding that one elusive piece that is missing, to finally put it all together.

We have a lot of hope for the future. Thanks again.


Fantastic article, very encouraged. David


I Jayspurs lovely to hear from you again. How's things? when you weren't around I was worried for you....You had a really tough time of it there awhile ago

Great article , thanks for posting it

Hope all is well with you , Lots of love

Sohara xxx

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Just to say: good to see you! 😀


Very interesting gives us some hope for the future, thank you for that information.


Hi Justin, good to see you on here again. Hope you are keeping well. Good article and nice to have something hopeful for the future.

Take care and wishing you well. xxx


Hi Justin

Great article with much hope for the future. If you get a chance, we would love to know how your doing. Are you still running? Really great to hear from you. Don't be a stranger Justin...



Interesting article,thanks!D. 👍🏿


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