Hello everyone, I posted a chocolate milk shake. 1,090 calories. I said don't drink it down at one time. Save it ,drink thru out the day.I was BLOATED for 3 days🙇. I gained 4 pounds in 3days!! I had to drink it for 2 days.OK I am not giving up on this shake. So I have IBS and GERD.I think they go hand in hand. So I guess it's gonna be lactose shake.peanut butter I can have.Maybe some Whey.(not really sure what it is) Anybody got any ideas? Oh I lost my 4 pounds also🙅. Gold13 XXX

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  • The weight you put on immediately is usually just the liquid. Though with such a shake you should find a pound or two creeping on if you persist. I think I am still right in saying that you need to take in 3900 calories more than you need to put on a pound. That's what I was told all those years ago in Uni. So, that's a good few milk shakes.

  • Hi Freefaller,thanks for the input.3900 calories. Wow

  • Hi Gold no ideas at all. I'm still trying to put on weight. I'm stuck at 7st 6lbs. I take two Aymes milk shakes a day but no gain.

    Oh I hate peanut butter.


  • Suzy6,Hi What are we gonna do ! I hate milk,yuch, Gold13 xx

  • The whey is the liquid part of the milk; the curds are the protein clumps that get turned into cheese. They can be separated by rennet or an acid like lemon juice. An easy way to remember is the nursery rhyme: Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey.

  • Eregendal,LOL !,So if Whey has a milk product in?ummm I'm not for sure IBS tummy would like that. Thank you Gold13 xx

  • I use 25mg amitryptiline and have had no symptoms of IBS for 5 years now

  • Salema,hi I do take that.They call it Elavil.Its for nerves .I take it at bedtime. Makes me very sleepy.Gold13 xx

  • I understand why it is normally prescribed but this was specifically given to me for IBS and it has certainly worked for me.

  • Salema, That's really interesting. How many do you take a day?

  • As you say it makes you sleepy so just 1 at night.

    I had previously been given every pill known to no effect but a new doctor at the practice said he had considerable success with amitryptiline

  • Try Lactose free milk, no bloating since using that

  • Hi Gold13

    I am sorry to hear you have IBS, I have had for the last 44 years. They call it IBS when the do not know the cause of the problem. We can loose weight a lot faster than most people can put it on. If you do not already do so try keeping a detailed food diary to identify what causes you the most problems and possibly weight loss. I found for myself fatty meat was the biggest enemy causing bad cramps, liquid Diarrhoea and fast weight loss.

    Good luck


  • Hi VoodooChile, oh yes the bathroom and I are old friends. LOL,nothing funny about that.Dr.. put me on these pills,that are way to much money. No pills here..Good Luck to you. Gold13 xx

  • Hi Gold, I have IBS, GERD and Lactose intolerance too. I went onto goats milk a few months ago but still suffered the bloating and niggling discomfort in my stomach so, I've gone on lactose free milk yesterday. Years ago, when I wanted to gain weight, my doctor advised a pint of milk a day, I drank it and my stomach instantly turned into a bubbling cauldron!!! Within half an hour, it went straight through me. that was over 20 years ago.

    Then, I bought a calorie counting book and started eating a tin of Devon custard a day because it was one of the highest on the list with over 500 cals and is so easy to eat.

    Boy, did I soon know about that too. Haha. I love cream, but again, it gives me gyp.

    Although, I do still occasionally indulge, cos I love it. Lol.

    Fruit scones were second on my list as they are 200 calories each and are full of calcium too. I still eat those.

    I intend to try the Whey powder as soon as I can afford to waste the money, lol.

    I'm sure I read that it does not cause the lactose intolerance that milk does, but, time will tell. xx

  • Casper99, thanks so much for your input.That tummy problem is the worst.Yes,Whey is very expensive. Thanks again Gold13 xx

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