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Feeling Annoyed With My GP The DEFO Need To Get Over This Wanting To Kill Us

Feeling Annoyed With My GP The DEFO Need To Get Over This Wanting To Kill Us

Might BE bit strong my head line but I think I have just cause.

As some will know from previous post I have been quite unwell MY GP could not get to the bottom of and all he ever said when I asked about blood test WAS no action everything is fine

Well today CLEARLY NOT .. I revived letter from my neurologist with regard tremors I had full blood test and brain scan back in MAY.

Anyway my neurologist has written to my GP In what I think is strong terms with regard there neglect as to blood test my condition. I am delighted she as but am not as far as it could mean given my currant symptoms.

Well it turns out I have server vitamin D deficiency that could be cause of my Bone pain, Aching all over, Stomach pain and or my Irritable bowls syndrome I have of late developed.

Also Looks like Neurologist as name for my excuse for blood cells platelets Haemolysed blood cells platelets guess that's why I seen phlebotomist THINK my doc knows more than the letting on.

Anyway my immunoglobulin ( Igm ) is low at 0.22 and that could explane all my infections and rate of them ... given my conditions SO now my lung doc gp can stop talking crap about stress anxiety and my infection rate not be that true

Like can a low Igm cause Anemia and is it that whats Haemolysed my blood cells platelets or could vitamin D deficiency be doing it .. Like what do they mean when the say your immunoglobulin ( Igm ) go's down but will not return also is immunoglobulin Igm diagnostic feature of RA or is Vitamin D deficiency

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I am completely baffled, which does not take much! Don't let them get away with anything, D. x


Hi Toci Cheers had months of suffering :o still dont feel right bbut think am step closer to finding out whats going on.

Might be way a wrote post baffled ya ;)

Had to jot it down befour a forgot

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No, it wasn't the way you wrote it but that I know nothing about blood. I truly hope you get it sorted soon. x

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Well what can I say! What has your GP been doing or rather not doing? WOW!

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Hi. I have bloods taken every 2 - 4 weeks due to DMARDS for Lupus. Sometimes the samples haemolyse (break down) before they get to the lab and can then not be used as the results are unrecordable or unreliable.

I also have low Vitamin D (despite being a sun worshipper) which can make you feel rubbish. Thankfully, with a course of tablets, it is usually easily remedied.

Hope this helps. Clare

Omg! No wonder you're hopping! What happens now? You got another appt?

Hi Denis, first off its great that most of your labs are in normal range. Although you vitamin D is low it can be managed with prescription strength vitamin D pills. My husband & I both have this. I wouldn't worry about haemolysed blood, just means the sample wasn't suitable to use at that time for those tests, it is not indicative of anything wrong, it means repeat the folate & CK blood test. The Igm should be repeated as well. Repeatedly Low levels along with other abnormal immunoglobulin, may or may not be indicative of disease, inflammation autoimmune disorder, the list goes on, it also may be a fluke and mean nothing, or it may need further testing. The lab results you posted do not show any test results that indicate a anemia, we're you diagnosed in the past? There are several types of anemia the most common type can be corrected with eating proper foods. I know when I'm anemic with low blood levels confirming it, I always feel better and get better by eating steaks & red meats as well as foods high in iron& folates. Please see your GP soon and make him explain everything and repeat those blood test soon.

Hope you're feeling better.

Carol Ann


D3NIS,hi its Gold13. I also have Vitamin D problem. When I first got sick, this np. put me on 50,000 units of vitamin D once a week I had to take a small little jell type pill.4 years later I'm taking 2600 mg. a day of vitamin D. I understand your problem a little.My fingernails were spliting and ridges. I'm gonna look at all the info you put out here. My milkshake was a disaster.tummy bloated .IDoes your muscle stuff help with weight gain? Have you ever heard of Whey(we) my last Dr. said he takes that every morning .He's now retired and living the good life in Florida. Lucky so and so ! OK I better get off here.Its midnight. Hope to hear from you soon. Gold13 xx. NEVER GIVE UP !😎

Keep fighting them Daz and plugging away at what you know to be wrong. You are a fighter and want some answers. I do wish you well with that as always.

Take good care. xxxxxx

Hi Denis,keep at them mate you will get your answers I,m sure.Best of luck!D. ✊🏽

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