for the old timers :D ,,texting codes

I dont know what tablets are [but i've plenty in my medicine bag :D ], don't know about face book, twits etc. or is it twitter:D in fact don't know much at all , just my old computer :D :D [one finger typing :D ]

but just getting the hang of these codes now,,,so here we go :D

ATD----At the doctors

BFF----Best friend fell

BTW-----Bring the wheelchair

BYOT-----Bring your own teeth

FWIW,,,,,,,Forgot where i was.

GGPBL,,,Gotta go pacemaker battery low.

GHA,,,,Got heartburn again

IMHO,,,,,Is my hearing- aid on

LMDO,,,,,,laughing my dentures out

OMMR,,,, On my massage recliner

OMSG.....Oh my,,,sorry,,,,gas

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

p,s. You learn every day :D

OFARN,,,,,,Off for a rest now :D :D

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  • Loving them, very funny. Enjoy your rest.


    G J xx

  • many thanks ohtwo ,i enjoyed my wee rest :) but must catch up on things now,,

    kindest thoughts jimmy xxxx :)

  • Hi Jimmy - lovely to see you back on form. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Ah pentreath,:) hope your well, glad you had a wee laugh,

    i hope to be on better form, as i improve

    all the very best jimmy :)

  • Haha......very clever!

  • thanks mooskie ,, best regards jimmy :)


    roll on floor laughing can't get up.

    Love Dozy ☺ 🐀 xx

  • ha ha ha :D brilliant Dozy,

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • Brilliant, Jimmy. Nice to see you around. I have a guilty secret - I have only sent one text in my life. Just awful is that!!!

  • great to hear from you pergola, i have to admit, youve sent one more text than me :D

    i tried it, but the text read more like fgtryzzxf jiuy :D true.

    hope things are ok with you, im calling it a day now, very, very tired tonight,

    best regards jimmy :D

  • Sleep well, Jimmy X

  • slept better last night, thanks pergola

    kindest regards jimmy xx :)

  • Nice to see you back Jimmy and in good humour. X.

  • lovely to see you again joyce, :) hope you are keeping ok

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Haha brilliant! 😀

  • hi frose, glad it raised a wee smile , many thanks

    jimmy :)

  • Hi Dear Jimmy

    Good to see you back. Hope your well.

    Love RUBYXX 😊😊

  • hi Ruby,

    glad to see yourself :D hope things are going well ruby.

    many thanks

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • Very good Jimmy I had a chuckle while reading it.

    Nice to wake up smiling😀

    Keep well Jimmy.

    Sending love. etch45 xxx

  • many thanks etch , its always a wee chuckle, :D better than nowt :)

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Hi Jimmy good to hear from you again,how you doing.B.A.W. Been a while,lol D. 😆

  • ah farmer me ol matey, hope you are reasonably well, i'm getting there slow but sure, one step forward -one step back :)

    many thanks farmer, best regards jimmy :)

    B A W :D

  • Hi Jimmy nice to see you back on form xx Sally

  • hi sally, nice to see you,, to see you nice :D

    hope you are well , i'm getting there slowly,

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Just noticed this post! Hilarious, can't stop laughing! Must try those codes out on my daughters, hahaha! 😂😂😇

  • :D :D glad you liked it "happy"

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • You are a tonic Jimmy. You cheer me up no end, will add a few on my own.

    GTKO Get the kettle on

    FAFF Fancy a fish supper

    WTATD WHo's that at the door

    GNDT Gonnae no dae that

    DNY Dinnae fash yersel

    How's what for starters Jimmy?

    Yours new friend


  • brilliant sandra :D ,, GNDT has to be tops :D from CTF :D [chewin the fat ] :

    I'm a wee bit like jack and victor myself :D ["still game" :D ],,,, thats me, still game :D [sometimes !! lol :D ]

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Hahaha, Jimmy, loved LMDO, xx

  • thanks casp. glad you LYDO :D jimmy xxx :)

  • Have you heard of ....PFO?

    Pissed &Fell Over

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