Southampton hospital are doing a study into a new vaccine which will hopefully put a stop to all those exacerbations that we COPD sufferers get.

I've been fortunate enough to have been chosen to take part and am going for the first time next Tuesday 4th August. It will go on for about 9 months and is a double blind study. I shall not know until it's finished if I got the real thing (obviously) or the placebo, but I will keep you all updated as the outcome of this vaccine could be one answer we've all been waiting for? :-D

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That's good news. Looking forward to your updates. Take care xx

A similar study is looking for volunteers at Ninewells, Dundee. Unfortunately I cannot take part as I am on O2.

Sounds fascinating Nikkers and I for one would be very interested to hear how you get on. Hope for us all maybe (I am speaking on behalf of Pete of course when I say that). Good luck to you. xxxx

Hi Sassy.

First let me say Thank you to you and everyone who's wished me well for this study.

I heard it on the radio. They were asking for volunteers and to qualify you had to be of a certain age (over 60) an ex-smoker and had at least 1 exacerbation in the last year. They gave a phone number to send a text and that was it! They called me a few days later and asked lots of questions, then sent a 24 page email explaining all about it. After that I had to fill in reams of forms etc., Then they called to make arrangements for me to go - they're sending a taxi for me - great stuff ! :-D

I'll keep you updated. XX

Please do, can't wait to hear about it. Take care xxxxx

good luck fingers crossed it works

That would be fantastic for us all, if it works, x

goodluck nikkers

Thanks Tam. XX

That's very good news for you billets please keep us informed how you get on I too can't on the studies as I am on oxygen but good luck to you

Will do Jimmy. Nice to hear from you. Hope the weather's being kind to you up there. :-D XX

Good luck Nikkers , look forward to your updates, sounds promising.

Good luck :-)

Good thing to do .All the best with it for the nine months.

Until Nikkers brings us

news....Be sure everyone to arrange both flu AND pneumonia jabs this autumn.

Good luck Nikkers, It's nice to hear of any research to help with Copd. xx

Oh brilliant hope you get the real thing and it works. Good Luck! Look forward to hearing all about it as it goes on.

Yeh sounds really exciting. Well done - adventure for you. Hope you get the real thing and (dare I say) have some fun (well, you know... new people, places kind of a thing ..... oh okay I know but we have to positive!) Seriously good on you x piggi x

Well done, wish it was me! I'm in Scotland so maybe a study will be done here. Keep us up to date on your progress & we can all keep our fingers crossed some good comes out of it! 🍀

Wishing you all the best Nikkers.

Best wishes you are a good ambassador for all of us.


Good luck Nikkers I hope it goes well and you get the real thing though. Fingers crossed for you xx

Good luck. Hope all goes well for you.

Good luck and all the best wishes I think its fantastic when people do medical trials I would jump at the chance it's the quickest way to get the drugs on the market

Lookingforwardtoyour updates

Thinking of you today x

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