On the steroid night shift again!

Here I am again on the "nightshift". Had about 3 hours sleep then woke up wheezing. By the time I took my inhalers and tried to find a good position to sleep in propped up I am wide awake. Unfortunately the programme on the world service was about Pinochet's rule of torture and fear with some gruesome witness and victim accounts which weren't going to help. Turned the radio off and then your mind wanders to thinking miserable thoughts. So here I am sat in the lounge with blanket over me and lap top on my lap wondering if anyone else is awake? I feel for you and hope you can manage to think of some nice things to try and rock yourselves off to sleep with.

Night night (in hope of some more sleep)


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Hi sian I'm awake not up yet though I'm working today bur don't start till 7.45

Take care


thanks Tam. Hope your work went well today. I used to like working Sundays as usually less traffic on the roads.

Hi Sian

I'm up too. Just came home from working. It's 12:30 a.m. here. Rough night for you sleeping. Sorry to hear that.


Thanks Ruby. Now wouls be a brilliant time to do a transatlantic flight with a long drive after it - as we do when we visit the partner's grandsons in Florida. Mind don't know quite what my driving would be like!

Sorry to hear you are not too good . Not nice having to keep taking steroids which affect sleep. I am debating about starting taking my emergency supply. Had a cough for the last 3 weeks and thought I was getting away with it . Been getting very breathless and have had a water infection so on my 3rd day of ABs. Which are clearing away. The water infection, but still left very breathless . Hope you soon feel better soon and don't have to. Take them for too long. Joyce

No only taking them until Tuesday Joyce 73. Hope this kicks that haemophilus influenza bug. Usually I manage a week and then start going back down again!

yes I got up and played spider lol

I was saving that for tonight!

Oh Sian so sorry to hear this. My mind has nasty thoughts when steroids keep me awake. I have to get up too. This week no steroids so slept OK, not brilliant but got 5 hours.

Have a spoil Sian day today.

Love Suzyxxx

ha ha well done the washing and ironing - but also read a lot of my book. Going to have a bath later and hope that calms me a little more so that I can sleep. Have read a lot. Managed to stop myself window shopping on ebay just incase I went wild and bought something I didn't really want and couldn't afford! I do enjoy that though look at all the designer shoes and hand bags, clothes and jewellery - there's some nice stuff around and I buy an ironing board cover because Lakeland have stopped doing the one I used to get for the board that folds into my kitchen drawer! HA HA HA!

Glad to hear you are getting better sleep. Hang in there not much longer now. Bless you!

Love and hugs



Bless you Sian and hope you managed to get back off to sleep again. Lots of love. xx

Yeah got another hour and a half. Feel lousy but brain going ninety to the dozen.

Hi Sian, I was up too. What an awful programme for the middle of the night. No wonder you couldnt settle thinking about those poor people. I hope you managed to get some rest and that you are feeling better soon. X

Thanks. Yes i managed not to listen to the bad part - that was when I got up. I have heard one woman's ordeal years ago and know how awful it was. Unfortunately, this still goes on all over the world still. Managed another hour and a half sleep soi averaging just under 5 hours a night. Brain is going ninety to the dozen but body can't keep up! Only lasts until Tuesday. Thankfully as have to work for a few days on my old house then as having new bathroom floor laid. and have the chief plumber coming to see the bad work done by one of his workers.

Happens to me too,lol. I use oxygen at night, and a small fan to move the air and it helps a lot.I think nights are hard for almost everyone.

Yes if you are poorly it is always worse at night.

Hope everyone who got little or no sleep last night managed to have a good day and the sun shone on you all as it did here. Lovely day, birdsong, sunshine and blue skies. Lovely!

This happens to me whenever I have to increase my steroids, I normally sleep well. I have a kettle plus teabags milk and a tin of biscuits beside my bed so if I become restless or more often wide awake, I make a drink and catch up with my latest Kindle book. I try to treat it as a bonus of a few extra hours to the day rather than get frustrated trying to get back to sleep. Hope you get back to your normal sleep pattern soon and that your infection clears soon.

Thanks. Yeah I have to get up and do things. If I stay in bed I keep my partner awake and he has back and neck pain and also a prostate problem that keeps him up and going to the lavatory so leave him there to get as much sleep as he can. 3 books in 3 days Will have to order new books from the library again soon.

Its the Gremilins, frends of the Copds. Ha Ha

Steroids have so many horrible side effects but many people could not survive without them. The insomnia and wobbly arms and legs are what I hate most about them. I hope you have a better night tonight.

thanks. I did have a better night last night. Peak flow is good this morning but i don't feel so well. Just one more dose of steroids so should start getting better sleep after that. Just hope the haemophilus influenza bug has been kicked into touch - though someone has said it took them the best part of a year to get rid of it! Oh Brilliant! What joy!


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