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Fev1 results improved!!

I am pleased to say I have just had my COPD review and results from my recent spiro test. The COPD nurse assures me that my fev1 has gone from 56% last September (although nobody told me I had COPD at that time) to 69% now. she said due to all the results I am now in the mild category not moderate thanks to my stopping smoking and taking up some exercise. So i am well pleased and not so frightened anymore.

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That's what we like to hear. Well done you and keep going! xx


WOW! That is such good news! Well done on giving up smoking.

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That's brilliant news, what an improvement. It just goes to show that exercise has a big impact on fev rate.

I stopped smoking although, I do use an ecig, (I am trying to wean myself down and off it) but, due to other health issues, I've not been able to do any extra exercise worth mentioning so, my Fev has stayed the same for the last 3 years. I know I am definitely de-conditioned.

You have every right to be over the moon Chris. Well done you!!!


That's wonderful 😃 very encouraging for newbies and people struggling with the notion that it's the end of the line.

A thousand hats off to you!


Hi Chris

What wonderful news - its not always down hill.

So you put it down to quitting the evil weed and exercise?

It would be interesting to know how you went about your exercise and what you can do now that you couldn't before.

Congratulations to you.


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Just doing the blf exercise regime from the booklet I sent off for. Just twice a week. Pilates class once a week. Obviously no weed.

Well done ! What a great reward for your efforts.

Well done!


Well Done onwards and upwards😀

That is wonderful news and how comforting to know that with a few life style changes things can be improved.Well done x

That's wonderful news and how comfortIng to know that with a few lifestyle changes things can be improved.Well done x

I am very pleased for you. You are obviously doing all the right things.



Wow,that,s brilliant.I was pleased when my Fev went up 1% from 19 to 20! Then realised it could just be because it was a different machine but 13 points change is excellent,well done.Stay off the smokes and keep exercising and you,ll be almost " normal " soon lol.D.😋

Hi ChrisKho

Good for you !

Thats great news and very encouraging

For us all.😊. Maybe you'll tell us what exercises you have taken up. You definitely are doing something right. You must be so happy, with this good news.


Hi, thanks. I am just doing the exercise s recommended in the blf exercise booklet that I sent for, twice a week. Pilates 1hour class once a week and of course no smoking now

I am planning to get a treadmill to add in walking as I am not motivated to go out walking alone and no groups around

Had a spiro test a couple of months ago and it was 49%!!! Appears the pulmo nurse did not get a correct reading last tme. have been put on fostair and its gone up to 60%

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