Did This really happen?

Had hospital appt with oncologist-no contact since last November-long story. Had X-ray first then saw 'God' he showed me the x Ray & I had to ask him to explain as I don't read x-Rays. He then indicated the left lung & said that it had collapsed. 'No' says I. Although not experienced with lung collapse I knew I had no such symptoms. He then sounded my chest & retracted(I really wanted say 'Have another guess, go on) He then said that it was maybe fluid on the lung, but offered no treatment or solution and I was then shown the door with an admonition to come back at any time. 'for what? I asked myself. In the hall I debated going back to ask if there was any treatment, but decided against as I wouldn't want him touching me with a barge pole. I found it quite distressing to be told I had a collapsed lung even though my common sense kicked in immediately. Am considering reporting him for incompetence, but wouldn't know where to start & wonder if there is any point as these consultants seem to have ultimate power & numerous get out of jail free cards. I am thankful that I am using alternative therapies & am not dependant on this div. I do wonder if this is where the problem starts, because when you refuse their treatment you seem to be pushed off the edge of the cliff & they are completely uninterested in any success that alternative treatments achieve. The only reason I went in the first place was to see if I would qualify for any immunotherapy trials, but Gunga Din said that chemotherapy has to be a first treatment before I would be considered for a trial. I really had little faith in anything that he said & think I will stick with my alternative treatments & the two doctors that I do have faith in.


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  • O dear what a mess! I'm so sorry you had this experience. Like you say it seems there is 'one track' for them and if you're not on it they don't know what to say. What a shame. I can't pretend to know what you're going through - can only express as much caring as I possibly can. much love piggi xxx

  • Thank youPiggi. Think I was just more angry than anything



  • I was diagnosed with a collapsed lung, aged 16, 46 years ago. The only reason I mention this, is that I had very few typical symptoms and the diagnosis was done from an X Ray. I had a lobectomy as it was impossible to reflate the collapse. I still have COPD, and low lung function but I have lived 12 years longer than my father who had the same illness, so maybe seek further help from a more knowledgeable consultant

  • Thanks Peege, I had decided to speak with my GP anyway to get his input At the moment I am more than able to fight my corner, but it did occur to me if he dropped that little bombshell on somebody less able it might have a detrimental effect on their pysche. Expecting a patient to read their own x Ray has got to be a no no & as I have no intention now of using any oncology services, I really don't care if I get black listed. It's true, they only get away with this atrocious behaviour because people do nothing & sick people mostly aren't able or willing to do anything.

  • Definitely report him.

  • Hi Ermintrude, sorry about your negative experience, don't do what I did, I Googled my consultant after mistakes were made. The negative comments from former patients were dreadful and quite frightening! Hope things improve for you. Mike

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