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it is now 5 months from my last cig I can not say I feel any better because of my copd it seems to be getting worst instead of getting better I now have some new inhalers but they seem not to work I am now going to weight watchers this is my second week I have lost 2 pounds I seem to be getting no were fast and all this do's and do not may be its not having a cig that's got me?

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Honestly bear with it, you will feel better, stay positive and very well done so far. try some breathing exercises. theres a great one that got me started and i still do daily, felt much better within a week. Go to 'my communities' the to 'british lung foundation' click 'all posts' on the left hand side and the on the right side of next page click 'abbreviations and links' the video is at bottom of page. xx

well done on giving up and well done on the weight loss its easily to put it on when giving up the cigs .I think in the long run you will feel the benefit of stopping smoking .

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Thank you it is good to know there are people out there that have a kind word and are helpful

Hi Ed. I just gave up smoking too - just about 3 months now and I know what you mean - feeling very up and down. I had a really bad cough - absolutely horrible which stopped the day I gave up - so I have a reason to be really glad I did. If you're like me then smoking was a life time's habit - think we're bound to miss it A LOT sometimes. At the moment you're pushing against the tide as it were ... keep going can do it...... if you don't feel it's getting better, you have to believe it would be getting so much worse, a lot faster. I bet we see a difference this winter - the last two I was ill almost constantly. Lots of good wishes to you ... you're doing this for YOU ..... good on ya! piggi x

5 months is a tremendous achievement. for some of us the craving never goes. Keeping the weight of is a big challenge too. I think if you had a cigarette now you would feel sick and ill. Is it worth it? I takes moths for your chest to clear and for you to feel normal.

You are doing really, really well Ed :D

You are doing so well Ed and keep going with the not smoking and the weight loss programme. You will get there in the end so don't give up trying.

Take care. xxxx

Hi Ed, if you need more support or help go to communities and go into quit support. They are brilliant.

You should give yourself a pat on the back and everyone stopping smoking! Give it time and you WILL feel much better and happy that you did it !!!!!!!😁🙋

huff xxx

Hi yes I was the same gave up smoking after 42 years 6 months down the line and I felt like crap then I was diagonised with copd with me once I was on inhalers started feelin better(breathing wise) after another 6 months keep up the good work it does get better and as for the weight I was 7 St 6lbs while smoking went up to 9st 4lbs and I am now down to 8st 8ibs this all started back in 2012 Marian xx

Hi Ed,well done!I stopped smoking two and a bit years ago and feel a lot better for it.It does take a while to get the full benefits of giving up but the good news is you have done the hardest part already,It gets easier from now on.Keep up the good fight. 👍 D.

Well done, I too gave up smoking a year and half ago and I found I didn't feel any better either. It does take time and now I just know if I hadn't my COPD would be so much worse. So carry on you will get there eventually as hard as it is to do I know.

I had been smoking for about 40 odd years and it is part of your life which makes it that much harder. Keep up the good work.

Just keep going, think of yourself as a non smoker. I gave up smoking 8years ago and felt awful for the first 6 months,I wondered if I would ever feel right again,but it was so worth it,I'm so much better now....have faith, it will get better x

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