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salt lamps

Shaktima Kotulla


My father an electrician discovered something that could be potentially fatal. He made many attempts to make the following information and risk known to several Government Departments in Australia and he suggested to me to put it on social media in the hope it may save a life.

One of my salt lamps internal electrical lights ceased working so I took it to my dad to have a look at. He was firstly shockingly surprised to find the poor quality of electrical workmanship and safety. He explained to me that the combination of salt (a conductor of electricity) and water were an electricians worst nightmare when working with electricity because water and salt becomes corrosive and conductive.

Salt Lamps undergo a process that sees it condense water when the light is turn on and then seeps out water when turned off, and more so in humid conditions than dry. In my case the salt water seeped into the electrical lamp holder which is inside the salt crystal and tripped the circuit breaker in my house.

The risk is that the wet lamp could become electrically active and touching it could be fatal. There was NO safety wire inbuilt which would normally trip an earth leakage circuit breaker and therefore provide you with some protection from electrocution, you can check this by looking at its plug, if it only has two prongs it has NO Earthing prong/safety wire. ALL my lamps in my house (4 of them) have only two prongs. There is no way of attaching an earthing/safety wire to the salt as its too brittle. Chances are your salt lamps have no safety/earthing wire too.

If you wish to keep your salt crystal its best to unplug it from the wall, remove the electrical casing, discard the electrical casing and cord and just use your salt crystal as an ornament in your home, patio or garden.

- Shaktima Kotulla (Perth, W.Australia)


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just found this on facebook hope everyone is ok who has one of these

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This is a very interesting and informative post and something I can identify with. Pete was sent a salt lamp by a friend of ours and for a short time it was fine but eventually it succumbed to what is being spoken about above and blew a fuse. We have to remove the plug and electrical middle part and just have the salt block now.

It sits in the cupboard so I must get it out again. Thanks for that and do share this everyone. xxxx

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Hmm pause for thought there.

So is it safe to use them if they are 'earthed'?

I am not a fan of candles so wouldn't be interested in the candle holders.

Thanks for the info - better to be safe than sorry.



I wouldn't dream of using candles as I'm on oxygen


Ooo er! That's a shame. I bought two of these recently - I really like them. Mine don't actually seem to get damp at all. Might ask my electrician friend to have a look at them too.


I use mine for about an hour each night while in bed on my phone but don't leave it on as too bright and I can't sleep x


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