well went to the Royal Brompton yesterday for the last time, the journey at the moment is a nightmare with all the road works in London putting in cycle tracks everywhere, it wasn't so bad when I lived in West London as the journey of 15 miles only took hour and a half as the Hammersmith flyover was always road works, but then last year moved to Norfolk for the fresh air, so having moved I asked my new Doctors to send me to the Norwich and Norfolk city Hospital, so if I became ill in the future they would have some knowledge of my illness.

So having visited NNC a couple of time decided to change too them.

So I went to the RBH yesterday really to return the V-pap machine, but good news my carbon levels are down, YEH! bad news left home 9.30 by hospital transport got to RBH a 1pm Lind ward was offered a sandwich which I eat with a couple of cartons of drink offered me, left there at 3.30 arrived home at 6.30. boy was I tired didn't have the energy to cook dinner,

sorry to leave the Brompton not sorry I don't have to do the journey anymore

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  • I travel from Birmingham to Papworth in Cambridge,having recently attended there we took our caravan into Norfolk,toured North Norfolk the down to near Lowestoft for the Broads,beautiful county.A question have you found it beneficial being nearer the coast or country air,I have IPF I did notice I felt good there,it is something I have considered wether to move..Sooki.

  • I'm at the Norwich hospital too. My PC is a great chap and has helped me to get me as fit as I am today.

  • Hi Puff have you been to the pulmonary rehab there, I was going to the Harefield rehab there we great.

  • I'm actually in Suffolk although NNC is in Norfolk, so I go to my local PR.

  • Hi Joyce could you tell me what a V pap machine is? And is it used for keeping carbon levels down I am retaining a small amount of CO2 and was told to keep the mask on as much as possible from my oxygen supply and would want the best way to keep my carbon levels down to keep as well as possible. Thanks

  • its because my heart and lungs are not to well that I'm on a V-pap, the v-pap force oxygen into my lungs overnight to give my lungs a rest. the v-pap is attached to a concentrator

  • V-pap and B-pap are the same machines just different manufactures names.

    I was referred to the RBH because I am a CO.2 retainer, also if I do anything it was taking too long for my oxygen levels to correct themselves, which is another reason for being on a machine over night to avoid me having a heart attack or stroke. I spend my time on my computer or knitting as not aloud to do vacuuming as to much of a strain on my heart ,

  • Pete has the Brompton next month by Hospital transport and has a lung function test at 11 so hope he makes it. He used to go onto the Lind Ward and remembers it well. I do wish you well with being at a more local hospital and hope everything works out for you.

    Take care . xxxxx

  • Hi Sassy thank you for your kind words

    hope Pete and a good journey there and back

  • The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has been very good to us. They saved my daughter in January, against all the odds.

    They take care of my husband's sight, he has glaucoma.

    I wouldn't recommend James Paget. My uncle told me it is known locally as the James Bodgit. I wasn't impressed when my youngest daughter went there.

    The cuts are beginning to bite which is a terrible shame. The hospital is kept very clean. I was very impressed with the ward my daughter was on at the Norfolk and Norwich..

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