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Hello everyone, haven't joined in conversations the last few weeks as I have felt really down. Am in a lot of pain at the moment due to Osteoarthritis, the damp weather we are having is making me feel worse and now my Asthma is playing up. Just been diagnosed with Sjordens syndrome and have had blood tests for Coeliacs desease, just waiting for results. Have also been told my blood sugar is high so need repeat blood tests for that ! Its been one thing after another, don't feel like getting out of bed some mornings. Need some sunny weather to cheer me up and snap me out of this depressive mood. Sorry for moaning on but you can all relate better to my concerns better than family & friends can as a lot of you have or are going through bad times with your illnesses. Feel better just for writing this down. Tina xx

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  • Hi Tina your not moaning it's always better get things off your chest. We all get down times and is hard chat when your like that, it's easy just shut yourself away. Always someone here chat.

    take care


  • Thanks Tam,you always know what to say, always friendly & helpful.

  • Hello Tina, I do feel for you, can't be nice having to deal with all thats happening to you. It does help if we write down our moans and groans. It is also good for us if we can stay as positive as we dare. I do believe we are getting some of that much needed sun your longing for this coming weekend. Warmth a brightness will make us all feel that much better and when we get it Ill be thinking of you sat outside with a glass of juice with a smile on your face, I know I will be.


  • Hi Jjude, will do my best to cheer up and stay positive , look forward to some sunshine, never seems to stop raining here in Manchester. Thanks for your reply.x

  • Hi Tina its natural that you get depressed we all do its b difficult living with long term illness. I find when I am like that I just become selfish and look after me until I am ready to get going againtake care of yourself and just keep on going it will pass

  • Hi Starveycat, That's exactly the way I feel, just need to stop feeling sorry for myself & get a grip!. x

  • Hi 29

    Sorry you are feeling so bad, though not surprising - you have a lot to deal with. You are entitled to have a moan - we all do now and then and you are right it does help to talk to folks who really do understand. I sometimes think just writing it down is helpful. As starveycat says it will pass. If for some reason it doesn't then you may need a bit of help from your GP.

    I hope you soon feel in a better space.

    love cx

  • Thanks cofdrop , talking has helped, looking at everyones replies has made me feel better. cheers x

  • Gee Tina, you are sure in the wars, but I am sure things will get better for you soon, think most of us suffer when the weather changes, but we are in the wrong place on the planet earth to expect anything else. Take care, Thinks will pick up very soon Huggs Neo.

  • Thanks Neo, hopefully things will get better soon as you say. x

  • Thanks for the info , didn't know other members have Sjogrens , will be helpful if I need some advice. Next week having some physio &exersize so maybe that may lift my depressive mood a bit. x

  • Hi Tina, sounds like a really rough patch. I think you need a treat and a big (((HUG))). I really hope you get things settled down soon. xxxxXxxxx Judith

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