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Photos: Calling for action on lung disease in parliament

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We've embarked on the Houses of Parliament with our latest research, which reveals the impact of lung disease in the UK.

The turnout was fantastic as we launched our rallying call to decision makers - it's time to take action on lung disease.

You can view some of our favourite pictures from the event at the link:

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Thank you

Thanks very much, most appreciated 😃

huff xxx

Thank you so much Kevin and all the team. Let's hope they really do take it on board and try and do something constructive to help.

BTW bought The Last Hoobaloo for my gd.


Great - let me know what you think of it!

Good effort from Andy and sooo very kind of him to donate all proceeds to the BLF in the memory of his dear Father.

I found the introduction and the 'Thank you to' very moving and the piece by BLF enlightening to those not affected by lung disease.

My gd loves books written in rhyme, especially the repetitive lines and this book has both. I like the idea of using the red balloon, although this would be lost on little ones. To be honest I think the inclusion of a scarey bit or a bit of toilet humour (as in Steve Smallman) would make Hoobaloo's escapades more exciting and funny. Saying that this is a nice little book and is well illustrated.

Many thanks to Andy Steele.

A little note to anyone who wants to buy it. Don't wait until the last minute as booksellers do not hold it as stock as it is for charity and the author is not established and so each book has to be ordered from the publisher.

At £3+ it's a nice stocking filler for Christmas for little ones and all the proceeds go to BLF - what's not to like!


Good job. Let's hope they listen.

Yes. Well done. Thank you all of you.

Let's hope they bloody listen for a change .No one should live their life fighting for breath.!!! Ignorance that no training through cuts in funding has caused so many deaths and untreated people for years to realize they are almost end stage before diagnosis??? Stupidity!! No exuse for it,now trying to make up for it doesn't work!! Too many people affected by Bad practice!!!

Thank you I just hope they take notice and not just giving it lip service

I've passed your messages of thanks onto the team that organised this event. Knowing how dedicated they are, they'll be doing all they can to ensure we get real action on prioritising lung health.

You can read about some of our campaigning work and successes here:

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