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Hi I'm Carole I live on the Isle of Wight I have copd and angina gave up smoking 6 years ago then was diagnosed with both. Just finished pulmonary rehab ( that was very helpful also met some nice people) I walk along the old railway lines here they are very flat.Most of the island is hilly anyway had great day yesterday zooming along breathing was brilliant. Have to make the most of these days I actually felt normal for a while .

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  • Hullo and welcome, Carole. Nice to meet you. You will find this forum friendly and helpful. My mother in law came from the Isle of wight to live in Winchester. I love the IOW! I remember going along disused railway lines on my buggy which was great untilthe battery ran out. X

  • Thank for replying now I've got my free bus pass I get the bus to one of the cycle tracks and walk that then get the bus the other end to come home some days it's easy some days not so but I keep trying . I'm very lucky I've got good friends that come with me as they are a bit isolated .( the cycle tracks I mean not my friends)x

  • Hi Carole and welcome to the site. It great when you can find somewhere flat to walk. I live in West Yorkshire and it's very hilly. I like walking along the canal, when the weather is nice because that's very flat but a lovely scenic walk too.

    You'll enjoy being part of the forum, we like to try and make people feel welcome because the more the merrier. It is also a great place for newbies to get answers to questions their GP's haven't bothered to give them. I hope you stick around and get to know everybody. x

  • Thanks for replying I went on a canal holiday last year thought it would be great I could walk along tow path as flat .it was so hot I didn't get off barge till we were going to the pub in the evening so I did walk to pub and back .Amazing work these restoration people do on the canals .just loved it

  • Morning Carole, welcome to the forum, Im still working up to being able to walk any distance so encouraging to read about you.


  • Thanks for replying I am lucky I can still get about a lot on the flat but come to a slope or steps and I struggle. I really found pulmonary rehab helpful have you been?

  • Ive requested being put forward to one, but not heard anything yet. I have added walking problems with a degenerative disk/spine but exercise is helping so much.


  • I really hope you get put on one if you've got existing pain they adapt the excersise to your capabilities.we had a nice group at ours so we had a laugh.my joints are OK at moment.

    This getting old business is not for the faint hearted is it still its better than the alternative.x

  • Aye age doesn't come alone


  • Hi Carole, welcome. Have only visited the IOW once as a child, when we were on holiday with some friends of my parents in Gosport. Don't remember too much about it but have heard it is very nice there. Are you having the same weather as the rest of us?

    Gjan x

  • Thanks for replying the island is beautiful I come from London but been here 33years. The weather is definitely pants this year one day hot one day rain and the wind is ferocious .I love to lay in bed when it's windy as I can hear the sea crashing about find it comforting being all nice and warm and not on the sea .x

  • Warm welcome to you Carole 😃

  • Thank you lovely dog you've got there

  • Thank you, he was a gorgeous lovely boy. I haven't the heart to delete his picture now he's gone. I've got Lola puppy now. X. P

  • Bless him what breed is Lola?

  • She's half Tibetan Terrier & half Cockerpoo, makes me laugh on a regular basis & lovely to have a living soul in the house. Great, since I live alone. How about you, do you have a pet?

  • She sounds lovely . I used to have 2 pappilons beautiful little butterfly dogs . I do live alone but my daughter is on her own with 2 boys 9 and 12 so I help her out a lot when she is working also she has a border terrorist that's what we call him anyway .He is adorable until he meets a big dog and he wants to fight it .I never let him off the lead but we always spot another dog when I'm struggling to breath .Its a shame he is his own worst enemy .So by the time they go home I am grateful for some peace and quiet .

  • Welcome to the site Carole. I'm a bit behind in replies. I've been a member since Nov. and have learned so much.

    Do you know what stage you are? Ask any questions you may have. Someone will help you. Experience is the best teacher😊


  • Thanks for reply I have 2nd stage copd or moderate I think .I find it all very confusing I just did couse PR and expected to find everybody like me coughing and spluttering everywhere but there was only one other person that coughed . Most of them didn't have a cough. At the beginning of the course and the end we had to do a walking test the lady that was on oxygen and I thought was worse than me outwalked me!!! There doesn't seem to be any rhyme nor reason to this disease so I just take it as it comes and try not to let it beat me .

  • Guess that lady on oxygen will be out running a marathon next! What was your oxygen level when you were walking?

    Did you just start the course?

    If you have any questions , ask away. Lots of knowledge on here..


  • I don't know what my oxygen level was .No have now finished course.I get very confused when I'm struggling is it the copd or the angina both make me breathless.I don't get pain in my chest but in my neck and jaw .its all a pain in the bum and thank God for tena lady that's all I can say(there are other brands) If I get any serious questions I will ask you but at the moment I am OK thanks

  • Hi everyone....I've just joined this site.....I recently visited the doctors with a pain between my shoulder blades.....i was sent for a chest and spinal Xray.....results back...Xray clear....BUT...I have air trapped in my lungs....so I'm booked in for a test...where you blow into the machine....I feel ok....my breathing is ok....I have no cough....but I am a bit wheezy.....so I will do the test...and see what the results are....I still have the pain between my shoulder blades...but no as bad as it was....

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