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Juney 57

Hi I was wondering if anyone as had endobronchial valve's in there lungs I had 5valves in place a week ago and have felt poorly with light headed n dizzy spells my Gp said he didn't know the procedure to well to say it's normal, as any one else had this procedure done,I'm still quite breathless too,I'm hoping it's not going to last to long I need to get bk to work. X

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Try searching for valves in the search box.

I think " notlocal " has done some threads on it as they had it done.

If you need any help finding the members posts feel free to ask me for help.


Thank you I'l. Have a look x


You should call your surgeon or his secretary. They will be able to tell you how things should go. Remember everyone is different and we all heal at different speeds.


I contacted my surgeon earlier who said it could take 4-6 weeks before I feel better but at least it'. Put my mind at rest thank you for your reply x


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