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Thankyou everyone who replied re getting cheaper travel insurance. Am still trying although I think that the two hosp admissions and 3 chest infections within the last 12 months are always going to bump the price right up. I have started trying Insurance Brokers but have had a silly price from J D Travel Ins Brokers £54....Smell a RAT. Has anyone else used this company??? Someone was talking about the air/water machine to help with copd as well as other breathing problems. I have looked at this but same as you am sceptical...everything is so expensive and if it is good why aren't the NHS using or recommending it?? Be interesting to hear from anyone. Will let you all know if I have any luck with my insurance. Thanks again...keep well...Freedom x

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There are only 3 UK based Companies who offer Travel Insurance. If you arrange insurance through a Broker, then that Broker will obtain the insurance from one of those 3 Companies. The broker may have an arrangement to offer a slightly different package. But, broadly speaking, you should get a very similar quote from whoever you ask.

Insurance cost is based on risk. Risk includes age and, of course, medical conditions.

Contrary to what many people think, the people who offer travel insurance do not have a licence to print money. Profit margins are very low.

I am, unfortunately, now too old and too unwell to be able to obtain any travel insurance. I had to adjust to the fact that I now can't travel.


£54 does sound suspect freedom123, usually that is a starting price before you fill in the health declaration. Ill have a look at that one and hopefully get back to you.


Hi Freedom123, checked out that site JD Travel, got a quote back for myself of £48 but that is without a medical declaration. You need to phone for a proper quote for existing health problems. Did you ring them ?


Hi, Freedom, Someone came on and posted some time ago regarding a cruise, and I couldn't remember the name of the company that provided travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions.

However, I have just seen the advert again..and the company is called StaySure. If you still require a quote you can go to

Hope this helps. Kind regards Dave


Morning Freedom,

Give these Travel Insurance sites a miss, and go on the comparision websites - the are much cheaper, I can get insurance for £33 with a med declaration, for multiple aliments, and still include wifey with hers. give it a ago, you never know.

Good luck



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