Back from vacation

Well, my family and I just returned from a week of camping. It was nice. Had follow up with Dr. He said if I have COPD, it's probably mild, but he's thinking maybe some type of asthmatic component. Breathing still sucks... can't breath deep, only shallow. Changed my med again, now on Dulera twice a day...hopefully this will work. My GP wants a bronchoscope done, but pulmonary Dr doesn't think one is necessary right now...I disagree. CXRs and CTs still show nothing. Follow up appt not til Sept, unless I get worse. So I guess I'll have to wait and see if the Dulera does anything for me.

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Personally, I wouldn't be in any hurry for a Bronchoscopy. There are easier ways to check you out.

Hope your new medication starts to work for you xx

Your lucky your mild. Maybe the new medication will fix you up.


Beeperoni, I have similar problems to you, at a similar stage, ct & pft done I had a bronchoscopy also. A more experienced Pulmo said it would show nothing another said why not.

Given my high anxiety at the time and a fear of having a life long condition I also pushed for it.

It was negative.

The bronchoscope only reaches so far down into the lung, it does not reach the distal small airways.

Regrettably despite what you may hear the tests available to the medical community do not always pick up everything especially mild non clinically significant disease.

Good luck with the new meds.

Thanks CK,

You suffer asthma right? I was originally diagnosed with moderate COPD, but then Dr said not necessarily with the new numbers (cause my FVC was 96% and FEV1 106%) that it is possibly asthmatic. My difficulty is that I cannot breath in deep, only shallow breaths, so sometimes I don't even think the meds are getting all the way into my lungs. That's also why he took me off the powder inhaler and wants me to try the Dulera which is aerosol.

Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis. Oh to have just Asthma once again!

How does one know if they have chronic bronchitis? I did start coughing small amounts of mucus after starting meds, but this only happens one or two days a week, and it's only miniscule amounts.

A diagnosis of chronic bronchitis is based on history I'm afraid to say. A diagnosis of chronic bronchitis without airflow obstruction is even more subjective. In my experience Pulmos rarely give this as a diagnosis.

This is why I say the tests don't always reveal the cause.

Ok. Wasn't sure as I have not had this mentioned. I have read that DRs base this on history, but was curious. Do you have a productive cough? Is that how you got the diagnosis of CB?

Cough, Sputum, bronchial wheeze, inability to get a deep breath over a number of years led me to my diagnosis. These are variable in nature but there most but not all days.

This and of course a history of smoking.

Oddly meds improve mucous clearance so I can relate to your comment.

Hi sometimes im sure the doctors just dont know whats going on. Xrays,cts are normal and pfts are like yours 100%. But when your the one suffering the symptoms and not having a diagnosis at all is a horrible feeling to have. I feel its worse than a diagnosis because your brain assumes the worst. Its a constant feeling of dread. I think when your diagnosed you get to except it learn about it and do your best to get on. But being in limbo is horrid.

You're right, but sometimes I do wonder if there's more going on...all my breathing issues started after a severe sinus infection and head cold, and since then, I also get really bad headaches and the nape of my neck is constantly hurting or full of pressure. But I do realize the DRs can only do so much, and most do try to figure out what's going on. Its just frustrating like you said.