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How's that for service

Hi Folks, some of you may remember I was given oxygen to use as and when a few weeks ago, got an infection last week so felt the benefit. Well yesterday afternoon sats went down to 68 without oxygen, same this morning so thought I'd ring111, brilliant service GP came out and by 2.00 this Afto concentrator installed!! And on a Sunday at that. Now Ive got to get the hang of all the tubing, could be fun! Take care all xx

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hi Sheila that's quick service for you



I know what you mean about all the sister has the concentrator and a dog...the dog keeps tripping over, but yes take care with the tubing.

Very good service.

Keep well

etch45 xx


Hi Etch, yes I was amazed, saved a trip to hospital, think I'm all set up at home now, so hopefully a lot less admissions. xx


Good luck. Definitely sounds like you need it. 😊



Thanks Ruby, sure I will get the hang of it! xx


Very pleased you have it😃 should make things a little easier for you!😃 xxx

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Thanks Huff, hopefully will get some benefits, if it's only less trips to hospital! xx


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