I don't spend an awful lot of time on here and am apparently missing some interesting posts, which a minority of folk are objecting to and this is enough to prod the admins into action to remove them and so protect us in our nanny/pc correct bubble. This is not what I came on here for, the admin/site hosts get a wealth of medical information from our posts and in return they give us nothing apart from a platform to speak on and now that is being restricted. So if this continues I am off, Facebook carries some really good groups on cop'd and other lung complaints , whose groups members are not hassled and can speak their minds.

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  • They don't just remove the " offending " posts, they remove the whole thread which may contain interesting and informative information.

  • There is still some interesting stuff (if you pass over the soap opera parts).

    The fact is, the BLF is a charity and open to all.

  • Hello romfty

    When people join this site they have to agree to the terms and conditions. If posts breach the t&cs they can be removed. If there were no rules it would become a free for all. If people don't want to follow the simple rules, maybe they should consider whether to continue as a member.

  • Perhaps some of the terms and conditions need looking at as its the members who are important on here and if we all start leaving there wont be a forum

  • I stand by what I said, we are all adults on here and life should have taught us to ignore people who say things we don't agree with or maybe even offend us, just as we do out on the street. Maybe if one or two of us were admin moderators it may be handled Mandy says........... no us, no forum?.

  • I think you are right flibber, I have deleted stuff too................. we're all different and living in a crazy world? :-)

  • Good post Romfty

    Hope all is well with you.

    We have some crazy times on here. The sad thing is alot of good people have left. All in all, everybody is here for each other. Like all families, we have our little spats. But, don't let anyone else mess with our family.we've all got each other backs.

    I do agree with Puff. They shouldn't erase the whole thread. Many helpful replies are lost to everyone.


  • Bye!

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