Just Diagnosed

Just Diagnosed

Hello all. I would like to introduce myself.....I am Bobbi and I have COPD with Emphasema. The COPD is considered stage 1. Not sure about the Emphasema until I see my Pulmonologist the middle of Aug (first appointment). I wanted to join so I could have others to conversate with instead of only my family. They are awesome and supportive but I don't want to burden them all the time. I have been reading your posts since July 5th and have enjoyed them.

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  • Hello missbobbie


    If you have been reading the posts since the 5th July you have probably realised that there is a great many people on here that you can get help and support from. Family are a terrific help but sometimes you need to chat to people who are going through the same as yourself.

    Most people on here also manage to retain a great sense of humour so you will also get entertaining posts to brighten your day.

    Best wishes

    Velvet x

  • Hi Bobbi, welcome...... and you are right , sometimes we need folk outside the family who understand?

  • " A big warm welcome to you Bobbi....and welcome to Our Family....I was once like you... Wanting to know everything I could about COPD.. And not having a family to be able to talk too. I found a wonderful family in HU....And given me so much peace of mind and caring support... Have a lovely weekend....Megan."

  • Hi Bobbi and welcome, it's great to have people to talk to rather than family. Mine are all lads, including son's and I tell them as little as possible because I don't want them fretting over me.

    May I say what wonderful hair you've got, it's so glossy and thick. xx

  • Hi Bobbi. Don't get too hung up about the terms. COPD the a collective name for Emphasema and Chronic Bronchitis.

    You it would seem have an early diagnosis for emphasema.

    Regards Rib.

  • Hello and welcome misssbobbi. :)

  • So many kind words of welcome, thanks to all of you.

    Yes, I am from the US ☺

  • Hello Bobbi, welcome to you Healthunlocked Family! Here you will always find someone around to chat with, ask questions or have a chuckle with!

    huff xxx

  • Hi Bobbie, welcome to the site, I have COPD same as you if you have been watching since early July you may have seen me. Glad you decided to join us thank you for your post. Hope to speak again in the near future.

  • Hello and welcome Bobby. Sally56 xx

  • Welcome ,,, you are among friends and fellow sufferes ,you should get lots of tips and advise on here ,,,there's always someone willing to help ,

  • Hi Bobbi. Welcome to the site. I am a quite new on here myself but there is always someone here to offer advise.

  • Welcome Misssbobbi !

    This is the place to ask all the medical questions that you can't find the simple answers for. Somebody on the site will have felt/had what you have and has bought the T-shirt, so you can get the benefit of somebody's experience, knowing that they've survived it, too.

    Take care,


  • Hi Bobby welcome

    take care

    polly xx

  • Hi Bobbi,I,m the rough old Farmer D.I have very severe emphysema,Fev1-19%/20%.I am currently waiting to see if I can have valves fitted to improve my breathing as my liver is too damaged for me to survive transplant.Welcome to our marvellous forum and please feel free to ask about anything that bothers you,we will always strive to help and inform.Regards D. 💐

  • Welcome Bobbie, you have come to the right place and will get lots of help, advice and support here. Wishing you well for your appointment next month.

    Take care. xxxx

  • Welcome Bobbi. Sounds like your diagnosis is about the same as mine. I find a lot of useful information on this site in as much as it helps me to ask the right questions when I see my GP or Nurse. Most of all I like the humour and inspirational postings. Hope your visit to Pulmonologist is beneficial, and would recommend you join a pulmonary rehab scheme if you can

  • Hi Bobbie welcome to forum you will finds loads of support and the odd joke { when Plumbob is around } good luck for your appointment in August

  • Hi bobbie copd is just an umbrella term for emphseyma it's not two differant deseases I'm at stage four had a bad twelve month but picked up now feeling a lot better since they put me on unyphillen tablets done wonders for me don't need to use my oxygen now and feeling a lot better so don't worry to much just take your time doing things and you'll be fine good luck

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