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i posted a while back about my continuous chest infections , saw the doc again yesterday he is putting me on new meds,he is getting concerned about the infection not clearing : i am going on to Revlar ellipta instead of my 500 seretide, and 250mg of Azithromycin 3 days a week instead of Doxycycline, and carry on with prednisolone for another 3 weeks,has any one used the revlar and the azithroycin to any good effects , i hope so because i am getting fed up with these infections ,it seems as though i haven`t been without one for virtually a year now

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  • hi whit I was same end last year through to early this year nearly 6 months constant infections. ive never used revlar but I started on azithromycin in april, take one on a mon, wed and fri. so far ive no probs with them.


  • Hi Whit I have been taking Azithromycin three times a week about 2 years now with no bad effects but don't know anything about Revlar. Hope it works well for you.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Hi whit are you under the respiratory nurses at the hospital

  • respiratory nurse at the doctors ,my doc does his normal surgery 3 days a week, the rest at the hospital where he is a respiratory doc

  • Hi Whit, I was same as you went 15 months of constant abbr, ended up in hospital for 10days on introvenus abbs,,possible you may have a bug that is constantly growing and not been killed off, try and get referred to hospital respiratory nurses so they can check your sputum


  • Hello is it constant recurrent chest infections or is it Mac. You sound like I was until they left 3 sputum samples to culture for Mac. Azithromycin is a good drug and one that is given for mac. I would ask him to test you. Take care

  • I, too, have had (what sees like) continuous chest infections. The consultant put me on nebulised Colmycin twice daily (after growing the pseudamonas bug) to try to combat these. It seemed to be wrong Dr a free maths but w I have me another infection that is knocking me for six. Oh well. Hope you get your answers soon.

  • me too

  • Have you had a CT scan.? Some Lung conditions can only be diagnosed with a scan, as x-Rays do not pick up.


  • no, never ,maybe suggest it when i see the doc next week

  • Hi whit , I have had many infections since Christmas and after my latest course of doxycycline and predis, just started azithromycin 3x per week , so early days yet. Fingers and toes crossed .

  • Help whit, I had azithromycin for three months up until Sept. last year. Have not had an infection since. Hope it works as well for you, barnowl

  • me too

  • I use ellipta Revlar, takes about 12 weeks for the benefits to show, but it is very good for the majority that use it.

  • i hope it works for me

  • I have severe COPD and mild Emphysema and suffered months of infection but since last April when put on Azithromycin and 30 mg prednisolone I have been much better. Beware--I am NOT able to get below 15 mg prednisolone without severe breathing difficulty having used this steroid for 12 months. Doctor tells me to reduce by 1 mg per month which means I am going to be dependent for some time.

  • with the chest infections i take prednisolone, 30mg for a week 20 for a week,10 for a week then 5 for a week, this seems to help for while then i`m back to all the problems again

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