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My new uni well portable loo.

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Ha ha ha ha I was in Asda car park today picking up my meds,when on water tabs my bladder is very active,I'd already visited the shop so I thought try out my new uni well one ,so in the car ...lift up down with the trousers and aim,ha ha ha, full up, what a relief, put the lid on and pulled up my trousers, ha ha ,then I saw the car parked up next to me slowly drive off with the woman's face shocked by what she'd seen, so always check the car parked next to you!!! That no one is there.

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How about getting a pair of detachable sun blinds like one used for kids.

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Colours23 in reply to Azure_Sky


Perhaps the lady has the same problems. She could have been interested. X

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Colours23 in reply to pergola

Not a problem ,just a sence of humar!!

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jimmyw123 in reply to Colours23

:D :D :D like it :D jimmy x :)

Oops ! Sheila x

When you gotta go Colours! Oh dear, poor person next to you but what a great idea for you to be able to go when you need to. Made me smile. xxxx

Might be useful?

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Colours23 in reply to Offcut

No thanks got what I need.

When you gotta go...... Lol, I saw a woman using one of these gadgets on facebook Offcut, it didn't half look strange haha. My cousin said, if men can get fined for weeing alfresco, why have they made this for women to do it? What will they think of next. x

Mark Cavendish was fined €150 yesterday for anti-social behaviour during the Tour de France. Why ? For peeing in a built up area. Colours beware !

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Lolly2 in reply to Billiejean_2

I cannot believe the cheek of the French! Well maybe I can....they are feeling anti-Brit right now since they have not won for 30 years.

Almost every day we are out in the car, we will see a man, not always hiding, having a pee, and that includes in some built up areas. What Cheek!


No...I take it home with me ....DDDDD.,!!!

She won't forget you in a hurry! At lest your felt better and that is the main thing.

Oh, embarrassing! Xx

I think that happens to the best of us🙅 for me 2xx once out in my garden,the 2nd tring to get to put the key in the door knob.Caring on jumping and wiggling,saying comeon come on already.....oops this was a Golden opportunity to make fun of myself HEY WAS THAT A PUN ? Or am I just nuts? Love to all Gold13

It's such a relief with water tabs,waitrose has no where so car p ark is the only option,if u want a free coffee,lol. It's a age thing....better than pads!!!

It's a very natural thing ,I am so pleased I've found away to go out and take water tabs if u have to, well I'm not going to stop ,so bolex to all the French people and Brits who make out they don't ,or have no sence of sad!!!

I have to wear a pad in case I cough, sneeze or laugh.

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Colours23 in reply to Azure_Sky

I couldn't sneeze without farting!,!!!lol

:D :D :D well these things happen :D should see their faces when i empty my catheter bag :D some strange looks :D

love it,, jimmy xxx :)

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