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I've deleted the post about people with Essex wasn't popular, apart from those with a sense of humour and heaven forbid anyone accuse me of racism...what with me being Irish and one son half-Polish and grandchildren descended from Travellers, not to mention Himself who is oo arr Norfolk and I have, or had, a Scots step mother...and my married name comes from the Norwegian...

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  • Dear oh dear

  • Vashti, it is a wicked world we live in!! I am always hoping that I can develop a thicker skin. But people all have a different GSOH. Found that out when I sampled Humour in the US on the TV. I was expected to laugh but couldn't.

  • I think American humour...from what I saw on quite childish.

  • Hi Vashti

    Just curious about what you said about American humor. I really don't find it funny either. If you remember I'm from n.j. usa.

    Anyway, not starting anything. I agree with you.😊 Just wondered what you met. Just interested in your view.


  • I loved your post vashti but I do understand why you have removed it. Don't stop your funny stories though as they really brighten up my day and lots of others too. Take care. x

  • Ha ha ha ,that's funny, I said If I was racist I wouldn't be living in this country!!!

  • What a shame you felt you had to delete your post. I found it hilarious. The responses were very funny too.

    Why the heck are people so darn sensitive? Why do they have to spoil posts by adding negative comments.

    Makes me very cross. As the saying goes "The road to HADES is paved with good intentions", as I am finding out to my cost.

    I try to do something helpful and it gets taken the wrong way, by people who won't need to even look at it.

    Can you hear the sound of my toys being thrown out of my pram? I an really angry that you felt the need to delete your lovely thread.

    From a Norfolk gal who has lived in Essex and wears jeggings, leggings, baggy tops, even T-shirts. No flip flops though.

  • How I agree with AS.

    Vashti your ranting post was feckin hilarious,

    I will probably now be accused of Essexism.

    Keep those posts coming, they brighten my day.


    Velvet xx

  • Thank you Velvet...I certainly will!

  • I hear the toys loud and clear! comes my

  • "Keep yew on a troshin' gal Vashti"

    Love Essexist Azure_Sky xxx

  • I will!

  • I agree with everyone else Vashti, you shouldn't have deleted it. Your posts are always brilliant and also funny a lot of times, and we all look forward to them.

    Anyone who objects to light hearted banter should go onto another site and join all the other moaners, because there's no room for them on here. Us BRITS have always told jokes about the alternate 3........without any bad feeling! This country is now so multi-racial that I sometimes wonder where I'm living? Just walking around Tesco's is like being on holiday in a country where little English is spoken. Let's face it, we're all mongrels anyway - just look at the Royals!

  • There will always be someone who has had their sense of humour surgically removed I's just a tad difficult to write...for me anyway...constantly being aware of what I say may upset someone...

    Look at the Royals? No

  • Lol!

  • The wonderful world of political correctness (not)! The world has changed. All blessings. Leelee. X. 🐺

  • We'll all end up never talking to each other in case of causing

  • It is so sad that the PC Brigade have to poke their noses in. "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me!" Springs to mind.

    I know a few teachers and they are restricted from writing anything bad on the reports. They feeling like writing the only thing that is true is he/she can breath unaided!

  • I've been listening to 'thick Paddy' jokes my entire life...doesn't bother me in the very slightest...

    Perhaps it's because I'm a thick Paddy...who knows...or

  • A persons skin colour is irrelevant to me, what is relevant is the way our traditions and British culture is being eroded bit by bit.

    Multiculturalism was never going to work. "Birds of a feather flock together" . People naturally gravitate to places which share their culture and ideas.

    I have been to Wales and walked into shops, when everyone speaks Welsh and you are stared at.

    I lived in a picturesque, isolated village, as a child, until I left to get married. In the winter, huge houses were empty all winter.

    It was very difficult indeed, when I went there aged 10. The school had two classrooms. For two terms, I was ostracised and made to feel very unwelcome. The teacher was no help at all. She didn't talk to me either.

    When I went to secondary school, there was a group of old friends, from the school I went to, before the tiny village one, who greeted me with enthusiasm, running across the playground and gathering round me.

    That shocked the kids who had been ignoring me!

    So I do understand how it feels to be hated and ignored, for being different. Apparently, because my mother wasn't married, kids had been told not to play with me. When they had parties I wasn't invited, this carried on right up until I left school altogether.

  • That is very sad that you were treat so appallingly just for being 'different'. What right do people have to behave so badly xx

  • You can call me Taff anytime Vashti!

  • And you can call me

  • Oh dear, if we cannot have a laugh and joke then we may as well give up living. If we have to stop and think about everything that we say, in case we offend someone somewhere, then we had better give up talking. Love your posts Vashti, keep them coming and try and ignore the P C brigade. Xx

  • hi what part of Norfolk was himself from and you azure_sky I live about 6 miles from kings lynn.

  • Himself came from a village called New Buckenham...when we were first married we lived near Attleborough...I did jury service in Kings Lynn!

  • I know New Buckenham and Attlborough. I even spent time at a village near King's Lynn. It was the year Queen Mary died. I moved around an awful lot as a child. The longest I have lived in one home is the one I have now, 12 years.

    I spent time in a children's home near Windsor too. When it comes to being labelled, called names, bullied, i got hardened to it. Water off a duck's back.

    Norfolk is a place that has so many different areas. Londoners tend to be unpopular. They are considered loud know alls. That tends to be the view of remote villages.

    This is not my personal view as I have friends from London. One of my best friends was from the East End. She married a man from Fleggburgh and moved to County Clare, where she died.

    Does Himself know Old Buckenham Castle? We went to a lovely open air concert there once.

    Please keep writing and saying what you like. I am sure your legions of fans would agree with me.


    Azure_Sky xxxx

  • my wife's uncle use to live at attleborough I was originally from castle acre near swaffham

  • Are you from Essex yourself? The British have a long history, centuries old, of taking the mickey out of themselves.

    I lived in Essex when I was 6-7. I live in Norfolk and am used to being called a carrot cruncher, from the sticks, swede basher, turnip top, Norfolk Dumpling, Yokel to name a few.

    We don't get so many flashy types here, as we aren't "cool" enough.

    I can assure you, that any self respecting person from Norfolk, laughs at the stereotypes and would be furious if the PC brigade intervened.

    You see we genuinely don't care.

  • Thank you for expressing your opinion.

    It wasn't intended as an attack on every person who hails from Essex and I'm sorry it was seen that was a personal observation while shopping...

    I was once called a lazy Mick by a person with a strong Essex accent when I asked would they please pick my glasses up that I'd dropped...but the Irish are used to being the butt of rudeness and jokes in poor taste.

  • You are right Vashti, the Irish have so many nicknames I remember seeing signs in B&B's saying no Irish,

    Documentaries like TOWIE and Jaywick are about two very different parts of Essex Society, they are very popular and have indeed caused a lot of people to regard Essex folk as chavs etc.

    It is a very sad day indeed, when one of Vashti's wonderfully entertaining posts is taken down. Sadder still, that she now feels she has to worry about offending over sensitive people.

    She had unpleasant experiences at the hands of a specific group of people, these were personal to her, not general. Therefore, she had every right to speak of it.

    This is not a public forum, it is a community. Members should support each other.

  • Omg Vashti, I almost voiced an opinion to the one from Essex and second thought do not want to instigate any or another trolling session war!!! Lol. However ,those that are thin skinned about such things should face the Truth. Being from the US I can say with a good belly roll laugh that omg you are so right on about the maturity of our humor!!! Holy cow, talk about immature, check out our politicians. If it wasn't so serious you could write a comedy play about what's going on ! I love all the things that make us different but even more the things we are and share that are the same!!

    My point, don't Ever stop writing exactly as you always have and let the small narrow minded thin skinned post what they may ,then hit delete!!! What a shame it would be that the many of us that can't wait for your next post be deprived of your gift because them!!!!!!

    Sorry for the rant. I've had to delete twice because my choice of words were not acceptable. And if I have offend ed any, it was not intended.

  • I loved it!

  • I missed it, must try harder:-(

  • Vashti, please I beg you carry on writing whatever you like. If people chose to take offence that is their problem, not yours.

    If anyone objects let them take it up with the moderators. I am sure they will agree with your fans that your posts are a joy. Please don't feel you have to censor your essays.

    Love Azure_Sky.

    I don't want my toys broken again. My dolly's face got cracked last time. George ran off with my fluffy crocodile too.

  • i was always told not to worry what people call you as long as they don't call you too late for your tea

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