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Thanks to someone, I do not remember who, wrote about 'Sterimar' and how good it was for people using O2. I was unsure if I could buy it here in France, but, no problem, and about the same price. My nose is no longer hurting and in a very short time.

This site covers so much and we can learn about little things and big ones as we browse.

Thank you BLF! Lolly.

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Hello Lolly! Well hello Lolly 🎼. 🎶

You can get amazing bits n bobs in France. I brought back boxes of saline ampules. There are baby ones for helping to clear the nasal passages of tinies who can't yet blow their noses & helps them breath more easily. Useful for all sorts, clearing your sinuses, saline gargle, cleaning wounds. Carry in your bag. Just break the top off the plastic & away you go.

Sterimar was recommended to me by my ENT consultant years ago, helped with sinus headaches. It's marvellous

Hope you're doing okay. P xx


Hello Peege, I've got those saline ampules too. Hoping you are well.

Love the song! xx Lolly. xx

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I too started using sterimar after a tip off someone here and buy it of Amazon in a bulk buy of 4 sprays and it works out cheaper than the pharmacy. I've been using it for 18mth and have not suffered from a recurring sinus infection. Great info is found on here thanks for sharing.


Thanks Imelda. Hope it will be the same for me.!


I have used sterimar, I prefer Neilmed sinus rinse.


Have not heard of that one. Will check it out soon. Thanks.


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