Cheap holiday insurance PLEASE!!!

Can anyone help me. Went abroad recently and paid £350 for holiday insurance which covered copd etc. My friend has asked me to go away in September and as I was so good last time I said yes and we booked up but now I'm trying to get travel insurance it's a nightmare. the criteria has now changed so that the questions are different and therefore reflecting on the prices. I am being quoted over £1300 so think I will have to cancel the holiday. Has anyone taken out holiday insurance within the last few weeks which was a lot cheaper please. Appreciate your help....Thanks

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  • I have been abroad, twice a year, for the last 9 years without telling them about my breast cancer or the recent dx of copd. We have 5 children between us & rely on them to club together to get me home if needed. I have my (old name) E11which will get me emergency treatment. I do hope someone comes up with a much cheaper quote for you FreedomX

  • Hi freedom123

    Try checking on the money savings expert site The link below leads to a very good guide with also has links to a number of sites where you might get a better deal. Some times once you have a quote you can improve it by phoning and speaking to an advisor.

    Regards. Andy

  • Type in google " pre-existing conditions holiday insurance " and it should come up with specialist sites

  • Try putting " insurance " in the search box. I seem to remember there were a couple of companies mentioned who cover preexisting conditions. I think BLF have a list of some companies too.

  • Insurance differs depending on which country you are going to, having been in the situation where COPD was not listed on our insurance (we didn't know he had this) and hubby had to be hospitalised please do not go down this route. Unfortunately it really is a case of going through all the sites and putting in the information time and again. We used to use Holiday Extras as they were really good but the last time we needed a quote it was extortionate. Good luck

  • Try Avanti 08000430817 - got some yesterday for 4 weeks £278. They must use the new definition of COPD (see previous post) as when I stated COPD they asked if I had bronchitis as well. In the past I have also made a claim on this company and it was paid OK. We are all different with our various conditions so sometimes you need to trawl around different companies.

  • Avanti is our favourite too - my husband was diagnosed with IPH four years ago & his consultant said that,although there was no reason why he shouldn't fly( our son lives in USA) the cost of insurance would probably be prohibitive because it's such a rare condition . Avanti were brilliant - one company wanted almost £2000 for ten days !!!!😱 Hope you manage to get reasonable cover & have a lovely holiday. Incidentally,if you can speak to Angela at Avanti she is brilliant .

  • There are two Angela's at Avanti but I spoke to the Scottish one who was very patient and friendly with me.

  • That's the one (I didn't know there were two!) Hope she was able to help you - because of my husband's condition they can only give him a single trip policy but they have always given us a good deal.

  • Hi Helen 08 are you talking about JD Travel Insurance Brokers? I just can't believe the quote they've given me. I have really trawled the net and cheapest I have found is £1400 and that is for a single trip. JD Travel are quoting £52....the cover sounds good but I just can't believe it's for real. Did you find their quotes really low compared to other companies? Can't possibly see how they can cover someone with my health problem who has been in hospital twice in the last 12 months for this ridiculous amount....thanks....Freedom

  • No Freedom - I am talking about Avanti. I have never heard of JD Travel & I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole at that price !!!!!! I have just sent you a PM as well in the last half hour .

  • I am 68 with severe COPD mild emphysema and had a mini stroke at Xmas. Even Staysure and Saga declined me!!! BUT try ALLCLEAR 0845 2505350. They not only quoted me but reasonably.

  • I have found Southdowns Travel Insurance one of the cheapest for pre-existing medical conditions. Here is the link if you want to check it out:

    I didn't know of AVANTI, but as others are recommending it I'll check that out myself too x

  • I also use Southdown travel insurance.

    I ion friends on the forum say the definition of c o. P.d has changed, but as I have Bronchieictasis and only one hosp add in 5yrs I never put on my insurance that I have COPD as I was told it is very different and insurance seem to reflect that I paid £180 to be insured o go to US a fe years ago.

    Hope this helps, but you can also opt out of putting certain things on your frm if you feel you can take the risk of the condition not beign a problem.

    Hope this helps, but I value other peoples advise also that is why I find this site so helpful.

  • We need the BLF to publish a list on this site I could never find it.I did find it once before site changed.Anyway I have answered this question now several times as have many others,so come on BLF list the companies we recommend,many are ridiculous quotes.Anyway I Have IPF and emphysema and use ambulatory oxygen,my hubby is diabetic 2. We are both covered worldwide,for trips up to 45 days with no excess,this is with Worldwideinsurance ,we paid £578 for a year,this is the best quote I have ever had,so I checked the policy very carefully when I printed it out,so I could be sure my condition was listed and that I was on oxygen so there could be no mistakes,it listed everything me and my hubby have,This may sound a lot but for a years peace of mind it's good and maybe I can go see my son in the USA,don't forget if you 02 you will need a fit to fly,and different airlines have different criteria,always use special help it's great.If you can get thru all the obstacles hope you have a great holiday.Just a little add on,your partner needs to be on the same policy,if you had to be flown home or stay a long time in hospital abroad your partner would not be covered unless you have the same insurance,almost made that mistake as we were both covered by our bank until I was diagnosed with IPF I was dropped like a hot cake,sorry for the long answer but these things are important,Sooki.

  • Lots of suggestions here:

    But as said there, if you've had your meds changed in last 6 months or had a hospital admission, or waiting for tests, the price can bump up a lot. And it depends on where you're going, up more if you're in UK and going outside Europe ; some insurers treat Egypt as Europe and others not.

    So try a comparison site first moneysupermarket or the like, see how it compares to your current quote.

    Good luck.

  • Try STAYSURE. I was refused insurance by the company I had been with for years, but Stayxute came up trumps.

  • Hello freedom123, have read the replies and the only one I have not had is Avanti. At present I am with allclear, but if you are paying that price I would try annual. I never pay above £200 for annual but I get quoted many different figures, so as advised shop around. I have three declarable illnesses and over the magic age of 65. Some companies won't insure for ongoing illness, so try another if that seems the case. How many drugs you take makes a difference, and if you have been an inpatient during the past six months. But try not to go without insurance as medical costs are high abroad. Long haul holidays have much higher insurance premiums too. Hope this info helps, Oh and BLF can offer names of insurers as can the British Heart Foundation, good luck with your search.

  • Hi, I just wanted to let you know, I've just got an annual European Travel insurance cover with Travel Time total price £76.87

    I have COPD plus Systemic Lupus

    Isme x

  • Which travel insurance company are you insured with? as I have Systemic Lupus (SLE) with pulmonary fibrosis (lung damage).

  • Hi Maureenpearl Insurance Company is travel they have quite a comprehensive online screening process and a call centre if you prefer to talk to them.

    Good luck x

  • Hi Isme, thanks for the information...unfortunately they have declined me. Think it's due to 2 hospital admissions last Oct and Jan this year plus chest infections around those times. Enjoy your hols...Freedom

  • Sorry message for Isme

  • Should point out to anyone who is planning a trip to USA that is a real risk to omit any condition on a policy . Hospital costs could bankrupt some people. Nine years ago our son was moving back to USA from Switzerland where he had been working - our Grandson who was about seven months old was admitted on a Sunday afternoon as an Emergency with a croup attack & was in Hospital for just over twenty four hours . The bill came to $30000 - yes,that's right - thirty thousand!!! In Hospital there they charge for every little thing - even the sterile water to flush a Canula . Be warned !!! 😱

  • Stay sure was the one that I enquirer on , and with my many chest problems think it was only 250 pounds around that figure, that was only Europe though.

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