Brompton update!

Story so far,it seems we,ve come another full circle.Saw yet another consultant

today and it turns out that although my liver function test was ok the ultrasound showed that the 16 or so gallons of Stella I was drinking every week 20 years ago has proved too much for my liver to re-jig it,s self.So transplant will only be as a last resort.Good news is that due to Azithromycin and no exacerbations I have improved enough for them to reconsider valves again.Having a new type of scan that shows which parts of the lungs work best and another lung function test to determine where we go from here,great doctor explained everything very well.

As I,m so young,lol only a baby at 59, he has rushed through these tests for a months time.Only downer today was my blood pressure has gone right up ,dangerously high so have to see GP in the morning to deal with that.But just to end on a good note got my appointment for my eye procedure to begin 3rd of Sept. so the farmer is a happy happy for the present,whoop de doo doo!Hope you are all enjoying the summer months and nicer weather take care all,David. 😘

PS. Just noticed the " list of ingredience " below,no I,m NOT having a baby,haa haa! 😜

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  • Hi ya Farmer D

    Great to hear you have had some good news considering what you are going through. Your appointment book must be chock a block but if it makes Farmer D happy and whoop de dooing, that's what counts. Take care of yourself Farmer D......Ya Hear.

    Velvet xx

  • Hear yah Velvet lol,thanks.D. πŸ‘€

  • Farmer I do so hope you can have the valves....and that your baby is born fit and well :) :)

    Mostly good news from you today ...:) :)

  • No more babies for me Sohara,well maybe grandchildren in a while.Thanks D. 😎

  • Some very good results there hope all goes well FD, xx Sally

  • Thank you Sal,D. πŸ˜‹

  • Good news Farmer, I hope they find you suitable for the valves, I think they are brilliant and a better option judging by the blogs I've read of people who've had it done. xx

  • Thanks Casper,just missed a coils trial they have the 20 candidate quota and at least the valves are proven,everything crossed lol.D. πŸ˜€

  • All very confusing FarmerD think stela sounds like great idea wile we try make head tail of it all.

    Nice to see ya staying positive .. Hope ya not been over doing it on ya gin sing ;)

  • Hi Denis,not touched a drop for twenty years but could still murder a pint or twenty lol,How you doing ?D.

  • Hi defo know how ya feel could do with get abiltarated meself lol

    Not been to great still no diagnosis in sight for new stuff happing

  • Good to hear your on the mend, hope it all works out, glad your on the up.


  • Thank you David.D.

  • Mixed news then, Farmer but at least some positives in there! Let's hope you're on a positive roll now.

  • Thanks Nan,yes onward and upward D. πŸ’

  • Keep on fighting.

  • Thanks Offcut,yes the fight goes on ( and on and on ..... Lol ) πŸ˜€ D.

  • It is when they keep finding something else that gets me ;)

  • Hi Farmer, it's reassuring to have a good Doctor who you feel is on your side. Good luck with all the tests. Fingers and toes crossed for you. Suzyxxx

  • Thank you Suzy,the support I get from you good people makes all the difference. 🌸 πŸ’ 🌺 D.

  • Nice to see it's not all negative and you have positive news :D It's great that your in good spirits because there is nothing like an angry Farmer :P :P :P LOL

    Keep sucking it in :)


  • Cheers Owen, πŸ‘ D.

  • Hi happy Farmer, so pleased it's all coming together for you! Like you I used to over indulge in the alcohol, been off it for a good few years now and don't miss it at all, mind you hubby drinks more than my share! Had one cataract done, what an amazing difference, just waiting for the other one any day now. I do hope you can have your valves done, do let us know how you got on. Take care xx

  • Hi Sheila,"looking" forward to being able to distinguish between male and female on the TV again and seeing snooker and/or tennis balls,lol.Still paying the price for that " reassuringly expensive " Stella Artoi. πŸ™Š

  • Lol!!

  • Wow, FarmerD thought you were going to make history there for a minute! Phew!

    Glad the appointment went well though and hope you get your eye sight sorted very soon. Always peaks and troughs at hospital appointments but you seemed to be generally happy with yours.

    Pete has his appointment at the Brompton next month and here's hoping the hospital transport system works as well this time as it did last time.

    You stay well and enjoy the good weather, raining here but hopefully will pick up again.

    Wishing you well. Get that blood pressure sorted.

    Carole xxxxx

  • Hi Carole,think I,ll go back to using a cab again though,they,re quite expensive but it,s a gruelling old drive through central London,motorbikes and cyclists all over the shop lol,cheers .Saw GP,going to monitor BP for a couple of weeks.D.

  • Good news that everything seems to be coming together. Just think if you were having a baby, the researchers would be round you like bees to a honey pot 😊

  • Due to my enlarged hernia I probably look pregnant but it,s more likely to be a " mini me " that pops out lol.D.

  • It's great to hear you so cheerful. Here's wishing everything works out well for you. Take care.

    Kindest regards

    G J xx

  • Thank you G J,got all my bits crossed lol! d.

  • Glad you've had some good news, and I hope you will be suitable for the valves. Best of luck and all good wishes - you're always so positive which is brilliant. x

  • Thanks for the support Dedalus,D.

  • Good to see you dealing with so much so well FD. You're a role model of positivity.

    Stay happy :) xxx

  • Hi O2, when out driving I put my music up really loud so the idiots I shout at can,t hear the profanities,that's how I get rid of my aggression.The air does get a bit blue though a long with the language lol. 😈 D.

  • Sounds a positive policy to me FD. If it works, don't knock it :)

  • hi davy shame about transplant, atleast there going look at valves, so if you can get that done you will get some improvement.

    all the best


  • Hi Tam,not sure if I would survive transplant,really struggled with the last colonectomy.Maybe a blessing in disguise. πŸ‘ D.

  • Good news on the valves David, I've read good stuff, posted a link a while back.How's the eyes these daysπŸ‘€ and the devilsπŸ‘Ώ tic tacs decreased now? Stay positive😁😎

    Take care,hugs huff xxx

  • Hi Huff,it was another negative on the " tic tacs ",seems they want to leave me on 5 mg for the forseeable future. Can,t win with the little blighters lol.Eye appointment 3rd September,been practising lying on my back,can do 20 minutes so should be a doddle.Hope you are happy and healthy,cheers.D. 😎

  • Its good to hear they are going to have a go at the springs when your lungs are shot it has such impact on your life so when some good news comes along it gives us all hope.

    Sadly what we do when younger we never think it will have any affect on us we know it all and enjoy the beer by the gallon and gigs by the lorry load hence the saying older and wiser

  • Hi Ona,well I must have enjoyed it as I don,t remember much of it,lol.It was probably a touch of the self destroy button going on,I accept what I am now so like myself a bit more mega worts and all.It,s not my fault I,m really gorgeous and super intelligent,oh I,m also a great liar lol.Take care D. πŸ‘€

  • Hi farmerD

    Glad you had a bit of good news so keep up the fight and hope they can sort your eye sight out and make it better for you.. has you still have your good sence of humer.

    Im still doing 2 miles walking on the tread mill at the gym a few times a week and not smoking ( over 3 years now ) but cant seem to stop haveing 2 or 3 pints most nights

    that i do enjoy

    Good luck


  • Hi Music,as long as you keep it to two or three and maybe have a break for a few days now and again,you might be ok. My parents both drank and smoked plenty but I,m the one that does,nt get away with it,Sod,s law as they say.All the best! D. πŸ‘€ PS 3 pints a night is less than 3 gallons a week,I was sinking 16 gallons on a quiet week,every week for years,stupid or what? πŸ™ˆ

  • hi farmer d if your doctor is a dr will then you are in good hands i had dr will on the step up program which I had ( steam treatment ) could not do the valves on me

    best of luck to you

  • Hi ho Silver,have you seen my more recent post?I,m under Dr Hopkinsons team and now we are going for LVRS because my lung function has improved,that,ll be better than valves and leaves the door open for transplant later.Cheers!D.

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