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Think I might be falling to bits actually...coughing and spluttering...sore throat...ear ache...trying to decide whether it's a perfectly ordinary common cold or the beginning of something nasty...

Trouble is ordinary common colds tend to lead to something horrible so do I open my emergency pack and see if anti-biotics will stop it in its tracks or do I suffer for another couple of days and see what occurs...

And why is it that these sort of problems always arise when the surgery is closed for a half-day or it's the weekend, when you have to 'phone the perfectly foul out of hours service to be greeted by a grump who is in the middle of watching the football...doesn't know you from a hole in the wall and cares slightly less than the average cat...

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It's always a balancing act isn't it. And you are creeping closer to the weekend when the medical world takes to its bed. I started my cipro yesterday as per consultant's wishes, one dose, really itchy rash all over. So now have to try anti histamines at the same time. Yuk. I have my fingers crossed for you that it is just a cold that will work its way out.xxx


I'm no expert but I would urge you not to wait and see. See your doctor now if it is nothing to worry about he will tell you if it is serious he will deal with it. Hope you are soon feeling lots better


Thats what the Emergency pack is there for Vasti, Just use the Prednisolone for now, if your mucus is clear you will not need Antibiotics, as there is no infection as such. Thats what I do anyway, and at least you have started to fight back at it. The FIRST DEFENCE by Vicks is wonderful stuff, why dont you get some and give it a try. Huggs Neo.


Hope it does not turn into abfullblown infection. Perhaps you should start your rescue pack. Hope you feel better soon xx


I started to get this myself a few years ago, I found out that whenever I got a virus or bacterial infection it mimicked tonsillitis... so every cold is hell and I often have no voice for a week. The pain travels from my throat up through the tubes that lead to the centre of my ears. The worst pain is when I swallow or talk

If this sounds like what you have I'm afraid nothing can be done and it'll go with the cold

If not hopefully it should go quickly, I hope you feel better soon :)


Definitely do something, either get to your own doctor tomorrow if possible. the rescue pack is there for emergencies, you might as well get checked out properly before the weekend.


Warm lemonade with honey and lemon squeezed in and try a spoonful of Manuka honey, the higher the factor the better. Honey has antibacterial properties but manuka is the best.

Hope you feel better soon xx


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