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Getting myself all confused

Hello everyone. This is my first post and I hope that I will be able to sort out my dilema soon. You see having been diagnosed with COPD about a year ago (only early stage condition ). I was unpleasantly surprised to be diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes following my last blood test. Fortunately this too is at a very early stage and hopefully diet and lifestyle changes will be effective for the forseeable future. Now for the dilema bit :- when I discovered the HU site I joined via Facebook with the user name of davjohn47. Today I thought it would be helpful to add a community which was diabetes based. Try as I might I could not log in via Facebook, so used e-mail, but could not link this hence the posting under droneb. Will try to sort out this out and ,if any of you technophobes out there can offer advice so that I can remove myself as davjohn47 I would be grateful.

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droneb, Facebook is really sticky. I made a mistake in my name but couldn't remove my account. There are ways to do this (I've seen it in google) It's also sticky as it won't let yo join this forum from Facebook. But, in a way, you are here, that's the main bit. so welcome droneb. A quick answer for your condition, exercise and you will build yourself up and kepp the disese more in the background, although you may get chest infection. I do, but I found that taking Vit A and D (codliver oil) has helped me get over an infection better - still ehlped with the antibiotics, though. Take care of yourself. Mic


thanks helingmic, am trying to be good with the exercise ,having 3 dogs helps , and doing OK on the diet front, not tried the Vit A and D yet but will give them a go. Stay well


Droneb, I cannot reallly vouch for Vit A and D; but it was talked a lot by a chap who calimed he saved his wife by giving her this for some months! I don't think there's any harm.

I can vouch for exercises: 3 dogs, that must give you a lot of walkies!!! You will do well, Mic



Click on your user name on green bar.

From the list choose account.

Here you can change, e-mail address, username ( twice only)' and your password.

For each change, save changes right hand side of each section.


Thanks for that Stone, was successful on phone app so computer next.


No ideas about the face book thingy but just thinking about your two conditions, I thought how lucky you were. The steps you take to shed the type 2 Diabetes will also really improve your about colour coordinated conditions. Yep, a good diet, regular exercise and things should improve all round.......have fun. You don't mention your age....there is no need for it BUT if you were 50 to 64ish age group, it's even better because you are taking steps to enter retirement fit, healthy and ready to start living again.......Good luck to you and enjoy your new found freedom when it comes.

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Thanks for your good wishes CornishBrian, actually I'm 68 which is the new 19 in our house, You are quite right with the diet and exercise regimes which I am sure have been major factors in the lack of deterioration in my lung function in the past twelve months, and since being told I was diabetic funnily enough by the practice nurse at my COPD check-up a month ago ,only minor alterations to my diet ( stopped drinking beer ) I have shed 7 pounds and generally feel better. Stay well.


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