Funding been approved

Hi, Just to let you all know mu funding from the Welsh NHS for me to attend the National Aspergillosis Centre has been approved. There wasn't going to be a oroblem but it is good to know tht it has been approved. Just can't wait to get there now. The drive will be a bit much. Popped a route into google and they said to do the A roads across Wales and up and it was 286 miles and would take just over 4 hours. Oh yes and have they tried that drive? It can take 4 hours to get half way there! Going to do the Motorway M4, M50 and so on. It may actually be longer but will be far easier and less frustrating.



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  • Hi Sian

    That's great news about confirmation of the funding.

    I'm cetainly not envious of the journey though. I guess you won't be driving solo.

    Many times I have set off on a long journey to find I'm too tired to complete the return leg. Stay safe driving (gosh I sound like I'm your mother!)

    Whatever the journey I am sure the results will be worth it.

    I was tested a year ago but regative result for me.

    Take carr Sian

  • Oh Thanks Sokrackers. I am actually couonting the weeks down! Can you believe that?

    We will share the driving If for some reason I have to do the drive on my own then I will organise an overnight stay somewhere. Wouldn't be able to do that all in one go.



  • Good news for you Sian - really pleased for you. Crikey you have to travel some. Safe journey and wishing you the best.


  • Thanks cofdrop. Living here we are used to driving a lot but it does get harder.

  • Really happy for you Freefaller....Horrendous journey, but worth it for you I hope

    I hope they can help you when you get there

    Love Sohara

  • Am sure they will be. Sian xoxoxox

  • Really good news. Good luck, can't wait to hear what they have to say. P

  • Me neither. Can't come soon enough now.

  • Good news indeed Sian, so pleased. What a drive. Take it slowly and rest at times.

    Keep me informed how you get on. Love Suzyxxx

  • Will do Suzy, How are you getting along? Hope everything is going well for you.



  • Good luck and great news!

    I'm not too sure what it is about but clearly means a lot :)

    Will follow thread

    Vicki xx

  • Excellent news Sian. :)

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