Rat catching

Rat catching

Hi everyone I own two beautiful cats that have become my reason for living. My big fella Fred is a typical male ha ha better say no more but then I have this tiny little girl lilly butter wouldn't melt if you saw her anyway she is the biggest hunter gather you can imagine at this moment in time I'm sat on the bed watching TV with one eye looking towards the wardrobe where last nights catch is still hiding yeh its yet another rat, wouldn't mind so much if she killed them first but she thinks I want to chase them too ha and its usually me that has to catch them when she brings them in alive as when they get into the places she can't get them she gets bored and heads off to find more a cat muzzle is needed I think ha hope everyone is feeling as ok as they can be. X

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hi when I had my cat it was same brought everything you can think of in, I used leave my window tilted at night so she was able to come and go when she wanted. well 3 things come to mind that she brought in during night. a bird, a mouse and a hedgehog yes a hedgehog lol. well the hedgehog was okay getting rid of apart from a few scratches lol. but the mouse and bird what a time I had catching them. felt like I had run a marathon lol.


Yeh that's how I feel practically every day chasing her catches to get them out mind I have to say I would appreciate a hedgehog ha ha I've had two robins this week and yeh one of those was in the middle of the night she must have plucked it from its sleep poor mite both birds survived got them off her before any feather damage its a way of getting exercise that's for sure, whilst I dont like her catching anything the most amusing catch was when she came in announcing her catch like they do and as I looked at her she had two huge frogs legs hanging out of her mouth so funny but not for the poor frog but I did get it off her and kept it in the shower cubicle over night untill I could get it back to the stream. Rat did pop its head out earlier so I know its still behind the wardrobe hopefully it will be caught before she heads out tonight for her next hunting expedition, you can't help but love them though,am I mad or what?. X

Nasty dangerous things rats. Have you had Lily vaccinated against rat disease. Humans can catch nasty diseases too. I think a humane trap might be the best answer for the rat.

Yeh both cats vaccinated and booster every year ha ha funny you saying about the humane trap just having a search for it. X

I think friend with shotgun is the answer to the rat! I can stand most things but if I had had a rat in my bedroom all night I would have been packed, out of the house and the for sale sign up.

i had a cat who brought a pheasant in once, dragging it over the half open 'stable' kitchen door.

Me too SS x

Living where I live I would need a machine gun for them but they dont scare me I've got used to it over the years you just have to be very carefully when catching them as they are in attack mode understandably and just leaping at you ha ha it will be gone after either I will have or lilly will. X

I have a cat too, Layla a rescue cat from Battersea, she's only recently started to go out and is only interested in catching insects and moths at the moment !, have you thought about getting her a collar with a bell on ? It may solve the problem. Like you my pets, I have a dog, Nash also are my best friends. I can't imagine life without them. Hope them rats get out soon, I expect they are just as frightened as you. Happy rat catching !!

My two started like that insects moths and worms, then Fred gave it up thank god but lilly progressed onto bigger things I would never put collars on them though its to dodgy if they get caught on anything. X

Hi my young cat likes to hunt and has captured mice and birds before but so far has not tried to bring any of them in. But I will be ok coz I am on the first floor so all I will have to do is leave the main door open so they won't get in my flat! x

Yeh that's a good idea move into first floor flat ha ha

Rays are horrid things, will the council put out a humane trap fir it? Poison can;t be used because of your cats.

We have had George vaccinated against rat diseases.

I thought you were talking about my two Meglou? I have a "big" boy he weighs over a stone, but is as gentle as a lamb. That's a good thing though, because he could do some serious damage if he was the other way. My little girl (his Sister) is also like yours. She's tiny (the runt of the litter) but a terrific hunter. I had 1 bird and 3 mice yesterday .... 1 of which is still under the washing machine and refusing to come out. I'm surprised there are any mice/rats left in our area with the amount she catches?

I'm not sure of the big fellas weight the vet did say about a diet when I took him for his booster a couple of months ago gosh I think he would leave home if he didn't get his beef, chicken breast and princess tuna his favourite lilly just likes her gaumet pearl but it has to be ocean delicacies what a pair costs me more to feed these two than myself. Just to let you know I found the rat deceased this morning in the hall, lilly had finished the job she started . X You just have to love them.

With you all the way Meglou. XX

Nice to know there are so many animal lovers on this site it tells you everything about a person. X

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