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Hi Does the NHS offer any facility for purchasing oxygen cylinders ? seems to me it would be a great idea as they have all the knowledge and could always add a small charge for information to patient from an 'in house' supplier . Or possibly this is something the BLF might take up? Lots of people have no idea about oxygen until they need it ! and then it is very difficult to find a reasonably priced supplier , most seem to be around £1-2000 price which not many can afford ! any comments thoughts please?

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oxygen cylinders are provided free do you mean portable oxygen machines as some of the oxygen companies can provide those free too if your on a low flow rate or as you say you can purchase them but they are very expensive



I presume from you price range, you are referring to Portable oxygen concentraters.

They are two available on the NHS the Imogen G2 supplies 5lmp on pulse weighs 3.2 kg comes with a trolley.

The Philips Simple Go supplies 2lmp constant 6lpm on pulse weighs 4.5 kg comes with trolley

A typical cylinders wèighs 3.3 with trolley.

Although I use cylinders at 4lmp, living on the first floor I purchased my own POC.

The first is Airsep focus wèighs 0.8 kg only goes to 2 lmp, as i have just increased to 4 lmp I recently purchased a Imogen G3 goes to 4 lmp wèighs 2.2 kg.

Although the lighter Imogen G3 as been trailed by the NHS via Bayswater no results yet.


Thanks all , but i was thinking of some that i have seen that are no bigger than a back pack? not very familiar with these items yet.


They would likely be portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) as explained by Stone. If you Google portable oxygen concentrators you will see what is available.You can buy your own or ask about your oxygen company supplying you with one. Intermedical is a good company to start with if you are buying. A few on here have used them and been pleased with the company.


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