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My life has ' changed '

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Good morning all

just sitting here enjoying a cuppa and thinking funny things, as I do.

Last night while watching telly I reached for an apple to munch, and had a chuckle to myself. My husband asked me what I was giggling about...I could only wouldn't believe me if I told you !!

It seemed an innocent post entitled ' Fruit '...80 replies later !! had touched on subjects such as...Bargains. Body image, Weight, Self Control, Phone Apps, Wrinkles, Healthy / Unhealthy eating, Age, Pop Songs, Comfort eating, Pot Bellies, The C word ( chocolate I hope), Choppers ( the bike type I hope ) and many more.

This post took our minds of our illnesses for a little while, and gave us a laugh. Any Newbie thinking of joining the site must have looked at this post and replies, and thought we are a bunch of crazies.

So yes, my life has changed, I will never be able to look at a piece of fruit without having a smile on my face, and if you go to the supermarket fruit section and see a woman laughing her socks off..........IT'S ME !!!!!

Velvet xx

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Ha ha, deep fried banana and chocolate sauce or black currants and ice cream for breakfast?

I hope no Newbies are reading my reply....these are not good ideas for health ....just a joke...check out The Fruit post .

A smile sets you up for the day....I am off to the library today, free and I can park right outside . Just hope it's not on the closure list that's all.

My husband asked the very same thing Velvet!

That reminds me, I have a punnet of blackberries with my name on!

After FIVE bars of Halva, I didn't fancy blackberries. I must keep away from Asda as I can't resist it. Sesame seeds count as some kind of fruit don't they?

They do cause rather more visits to the bathroom than usual!

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Hidden in reply to Azure_Sky

Ah I get free blackberries here... there are lots of parks, alleyways and the doggie places I take Millie where there are endless wild ones growing. I stuff my face from now until October with them. x

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aberdeenman in reply to Hidden

lol cough

I seem to have missed it. Could somebody kindly point me in the right direction ? :)

Hello puff

it was posted 2 days ago and titled ' fruit '


Here you are Puff.

A good old fashioned Norfolk Dumpling would go down nicely. Sticks to yer ribs that one.

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rubyred777 in reply to Azure_Sky

Just saw the fruit post. Hilarious!

Don't know how I missed it.


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velvet55 in reply to rubyred777

Hi Ruby

How are you, basking in all that lovely sunshine you are having over there I bet.

It was so funny seeing the banter going back and to over such an innocent post, and it was some light relief after a troll had visited us over the weekend, and upset some of our most valued members. Just the tonic we all needed.

All I can say Ruby is " keep them peeled "....( Brit speak for keep your eyes open ).....There Will Be More !!!!

Velvet xx

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Aw bless ya Velvet :) xx

Thanks. :)

I like fruit just not deep fried lol

Yeah good isn't it?

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I'm lucky in that I was always brought up with lots of good food including fruit. The trouble is I get more junk food craving than fruit ones ;) x

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