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What do you do to keep busy?


Hi, I have developed severs asthma which means I can no longer go out or work, being home is unusual for me. Has anyone got any suggestions about how to keep occupied once you are restricted by breathing problems. All suggestions welcome!

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Hi, I fill some time doing online surveys, not only do they keep me occupied, but also earn me points that I can turn into various vouchers, pay pal or cash.

When I have an infection I spend a lot of time playing "Patience" on the mobilityware app. It becomes addictive trying to beat your times. You could learn a new craft. YouTube has so many tuition videos to show you how on many subjects.

cofdrop-UK in reply to CELAT06

That sounds good CELAT.


Reach your academic potential through study. Take gcses or A levels as a hobby. Become an avid reader, even if just for pleasure. Learn a musical instrument like the piano. Good luck.

I did an Open University degree....they were very accommodating about my asthma.

Now I knit for charity, and on good days manage to go to yoga and WI, and Used to go to Breathe Easy before they moved.

I have a half allotment as well as I can park on my plot and keep my nebuliser in the car, I have hurt my back so not been for months though.

On bad days I try and walk around the house to keep moving, and find meditation very calming.

And I don't know how I would manage without my I pad!

Brilliant, thank you all. Those all sound great. Which charity do you knit for? OU sounds really interesting. Which surveys do you do? You have definitely given me food for thought. Thank you. x

knitter in reply to judith1957

Hi Judith, I knit hats for the Shoebox charity and blankets for people older than me! And some go on the Police Convoy trucks.

If you have a garden, pots are fairly easy to do but they do need regular watering which I find difficult on a bad day...you can get irrigation systems or even fill an old water bottle upended in the pot.

I also go to an art class...only £1.50 as I am over 60. I try to find places I can go that are easy to access and cheap...your library may have ideas...ours run a knit and natter.

My local church hold a coffee morning once a week too.

If you are retired there is the U3A.

I did a Sociology degree with the OU....changed my outlook on life completely...but costs were lower then

One of my asthmatic daughters learnt the violin, piano and ukulele.

I just have had to adapt my life, and try to pace myself which is not always easy

Take care

You could learn to play and instrument. I went to guitar lessons a few years ago. Haven't played for ages and a guy who does my garden who plays in a band talked me into playing again. Soooo glad he did - so much I have forgot.

Yesterday I bought myself a eukele - OMG it is such good fun. Today my 4 year old granddaughter strummed it and then learned the C chord and when her mum arrived she could play a little tune in C. My ambition is to be playing When I'm Cleaning Wondows and I'm leaning on the lamp post before long.

I do find if I am following music (which I couldn't read at all before I started guitar) and playing I can't worry about anything else as all my concetration goes into it.

Proabbly because I am a rubbish player but I enjoy it and don't inflict it on anyone else.

Hope you find something which suits you.


Hi Judith, I'm Gold13 . Living a different life almost,ey? I go to the hobby stores to buy leather pieces.Ive made little change purses,and I made 3 purses.I used embroidery thread. Especially at nite,like right now😋.and just embroider pillow cases.I've also made several quilts( over the last 20 years.I hope your having a beautiful day. Xx

judith1957 in reply to Gold13

Hi Gold13, How clever and skilled. Its amazing how talented everyone here is.....and today is definitely a good day xx

I use painting my numbers and cross stich kits. Plus love my kindle!

However why can you not of out? Yes during a bad flare up might have difficulties but otherwise it is important to get out and about.

If walking is a significant difficulty how about using a mobility scooter?

Have you asked about pulmonary rehab course. I didn't get much out of my course for a variety of reasons but many people on here have found course wonderful.

judith1957 in reply to Bevvy

Hi Bevvy, thank you for replying. I get a flare up at least twice a month which takes me off my feet and inside for up to 10 days. When Im well I love to be outside ,I have a fab little crazy cocker spaniel who I take into the field behind my house and I potter in the garden. I use a stick and carry a neb just in case. I never considered a scooter. Whats a pulmonary rehab course?

I do a lot of research on things that interest me also a big online gamer ( not gambling) If you want to learn more on certain things try " Futerlearn " on the web they do coarse's that are free but charge for a certificate that you do not have to buy. I have done a few on there now my best one was on heart disease for beginners. Which meant and showed a sheep's heart desiccation and how to do one at home. (You do not have to do them)

Always look at what you can do, rather than what you cannot.

Be Well

cofdrop-UK in reply to Offcut

Took a look at Futerlearn Offcut. Looks really interesting and good to hear it is owned by the OU. Thanks for the heads up.


I've just joined up, looks really good. thank you.

hi Offcut, not sure I want to dissect a sheeps heart...well not yet anyway....but who knows. I hadn't heard of 'Futerlearn' I will take a look. thank you.

Thank you so much, so much to do now, don't know where to start. xxxxxx

Loved all the suggestions about what to do, Judith. Isn't this gang wonderrfully positive? My things are painting, writing and reading. Plus guilt free TV catch up in the early hours.

Welcome to the group.

Love and all best wishes

K xx

judith1957 in reply to Katinka46

They're brilliant aren't they. xx

Hi Judith , find your nearest Breathe Easy support group! you will be so glad you did and they will be glad to welcome you aboard, you will not be bored for long!. We all have something to offer, they will show you how to find a way through the tough days and spending time with people who understand is the best medicine ! good luck

judith1957 in reply to ERINDOORS

Hi, thank you , unfortunately my nearest breatheasy seems to be in Newcastle, I live 20 miles out and the city triggers my asthma. I will give them a call see if anyone else lives out my way.

Jjude in reply to judith1957

are you in the north east judith

judith1957 in reply to Jjude

Hi Jjude, yes....in beautiful Northumberland, are you?

Jjude in reply to judith1957

not far in middlesbrough


judith1957 in reply to Jjude

Not very far. X

Jjude in reply to judith1957

thats at least four of us in close proximity, we will have to arrange a tea and cake afternoon


Hi, I would definitely set aside some time every day to do exercise so it becomes habit. Breathing and physical. The Pulmonary Rehab exercises are great for us - there might be a DVD on them. I bought a DVD through Amazon 'Exercise for Lung Health' .

Teach your body new habits for standing, sitting right - Alexander Tecnique - to prevent slumping, aches & pains, putting on weight & becoming a couch potato.

It will help you a lot in the future.

(I'm rubbish at routine & developing good habits so I'm going to take my own advice)!!!

judith1957 in reply to peege

That sounds great, I shall visit Amazon.x

Hello Judith, welcome. Lots of good advice here, some I hadn't heard of myself. I still manage gardening with some help but mainly I read, sew, crafts and paint. Things that everyone at any level can do and where there are usually local groups to join. Good luck.

Hi there is a free e-learning service called Alison you can study anything really worth a look

Hi, its a month since you all gave me your fabulous ideas, now I have that much to do its great. I am doing a futurelearn course, making Christmas cards, set up a dog agility in my back garden so I can exercise my crazy dog more easily, got my old sewing machine out and am going to make things for the charity shop, oh and I have joined a breatheasy group and fou d the Pulmonary rehab on youtube. Thank you all so much.xxxx

Don't forget to look on this site each day, lots going on. It's full of lovely people who always have an answer for you. It's fun, lovely pictures, jokes etc, but serious when it needs to be.


Gwyneth xxx

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