So so proud of my Daughter in law, she did the Iron man competition in Bolton on Sunday for the first time. 2.4 miles swim, 112 miles bike course and 26.2 miles run. She came 8th for swim, 42nd for bike and 46th for run out of 250 in her category. Brilliant results for first attempt. This is her half way through the run, she'd already done the swim and bike, and she's still smiling !! Well done Joanne.

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  • Well done to her, give her a hug from us.

  • Thank you, I sure will.X

  • Wow what an achievement no wonder you are so proud of her. Well done Jo

    Velvet xx

  • Thats great you should be proud of her.

    Whats next?


  • Hi, Sokrackers, not sure what's next, but I'm sure they'll be something, she's always on the go. I wish I had her energy.

  • It takes effort, motivation and determination sadly I am limited in all areas - just human. Your daughter in law is so special. Does your son join in or just from the side lines?

    She is an inspiration.


  • My son Jamie does some triathalons, but hasn't gone as far as Joanne. He supports her a lot though, he drove them to Bolton and booked them into a hotel for the night before and the night after and made and decorated an Iron man cake for her. They really are a lovely couple.


  • Oh that is just so sweet - don't suppose you have any other sons that are single LOL

    You must be doing something right.

  • Afraid not, my eldest son is 43 and lives in Chapel St Leonards with his partner.

  • Oh well I live in hope LOL

    Good ones are hard to find these days ya know

  • They sure are, I've been lucky, I was married to my first Husband for 33 years, unfortunately he died in 2001. I was devastated, but managed to pick myself up after a while and then met another lovely man. We've been married now for 5 years, and I feel like I've been given another chance.

  • I am sure you deserve it. It is nice to see that things turn out well in the end.

    A big hug to you.

  • Thanks, a big hug for you too, hope you doing as ok as can be expected. X

  • Wow what an achievement :)

  • What a wonderful achievement. Congratulations to her xx

  • A big well done, she is lovely, xx

  • Thank you, she sure is, both in mind and body,

  • Well done Jo.


  • well done jo , im in Bolton and saw kids iron man on Saturday fantastic day for all

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