Newbie diagnosed January

Newbie diagnosed  January

Hi everyone have just stumbled across this site and thought I would read some posts of people who have the same condition as me ..I was diagnosed in January and since then have stopped smoking and ended up being prescribed 3 different inhaler I'm now on symbicort and salami easy breath ..symbicort seems to take effort to use or is this just me breathlessness has seemed to get worse since I stopped smoking ..I work long hours and find even on my week off I'm knackered is this normal and should I ask to do the treadmill test because I have family history of congenital heart decease and haven't been test for at least 20 years

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  • Hi and welcome mazinuk, chest will seem worse after giving up smoking, i remember mine being the same, but after 15 months barely a cough at all. I was told had copd 14 months after packing the ciggies in. Someone more knowlegable will advise you better than I can about your chest. Im only into my 5th week of knowing. I wish you well and I know you'll enjoy it here


  • Hi

    Welcome to forum. It is good you have given up smoking, most of us are on three inhaler therapy. Mine is Spiriva, Seretide, and ventolin.

    If you feel you are havering an issue with a particular inhaler speak to GP to try others.

    As the lady of the home beware of any triggers such as cleaning products, perfumes ect which may impact on you breathing. There is a lot of trial and error involved in isolating products that may give you problems, not to be ignored for future reference

    Have you been offered pulmonary rehabilitation course, this a twice a week for six weeks one hour education one hour exercise, although it sounds that you get most exercise with working.

  • I do quite a lot when working and trying to do more when I'm not so hopefully improvement soon thanks for your reply

  • Hi! I'm sure you will be glad you joined us all here! I only joined last week & have received lots of advice from so many kind people. Yes you will feel more breathless after stopping smoking but it's really worth it. You will feel the benefit soon. Keep taking your inhalers but it maybe your technique that's not quite right if your having a problem with Symbicort, so speak to your practice nurse & she'll help you. I also have a salamol easibreathe inhaler as I can't seem to use the normal inhalers at all! Again the technique! Maybe you could reduce your hours at work if you're feeling so tired. It can't be helping if you have COPD. Take care & keep well x

  • Hello - welcome to the site. I care for my husband who has severe Copd. Congratulations giving up smoking! My husband found he was more breathless when he gave up smoking. He also uses symbicort but he finds it very good. If you are finding it difficult go back to your gp. Perhaps a call to the helpline could give you advise in what other inhalers are available. Personally I would ask the gp his thoughts about testing re your heart. Take good care, lots of love TAD xxx

    Ps just a thought have you been tested for vit d deficiency - I asked for a blood test because I was so tired and was found to be deficient couldn't believe the difference I felt three weeks after starting the supplement xx

  • Hi Tad

    I am vitamin D Defienct also. How much do you take a day?

    I'm not very consistent taking it.

    Got to do better, as it's really important for alot of reasons.


  • It was last year and I took them from the doctor - didn't even check. Though I do give my husband vitamin D3 supplements 5000iu per day. Good luck, TAD xx

  • Thanks for your reply I'm certainly going to be talking to the gp or nurse on Monday and will see if they can check for deficiencies and colesterol and infections I know that I should be feeling better than I do

  • Welcome to the site Mazinuk

    You've come to the right place. ☺

    I've been here since Nov. and can't begin to tell you how much I have learned. What a great family you have joined. Wonderful people, that are there for you. People that understand how you feel. Do you know you fev1? Or any of your numbers from your diagnosis.Maybe you should do 6 min. Walk. Hows your oxygen levels? Look forward to getting to know you😊😊


  • Thanks I have been made to feel very welcome and hopefully going to get to know everyone here I don't know my fev1 or any numbers still just beginning to understand it even though my mum had it she just seemed to get a little breathless sometimes I wish I knew properly how she really felt then because she didn't want to bother us with it and made light of the situation oh my I wish she had explained more about it

  • Hi mazinuk and welcome. What a lovely picture!!!

    I'm sure you'll love it here. If you have any worries or queries,there is always someone here that will do their best to advise or support you.

    As for the tiredness, I can't help with that question because I have other ailments that cause tiredness, so, I wouldn't know if the COPD was making me tired.

    I'm moderate at the moment and am actually doing pretty well, breathing wise.

    Well done for stopping smoking, some say it can take up to a year for the improvement to show. At least now, you can relax in the knowledge that you have done the hardest part. xx

  • Hello, just wanted to add to the welcome. I was diagnosed 3 months ago - severe. Gave up smoking and was lucky my cough stopped immediately. I really freaked out when I found out and reading the posts on here helped me calm down. I don't think I know enough to help with any of your questions I'm sorry. But I wanted to be as friendly towards you as people were to me. Love your photo and sending lots of good wishes x piggi x

  • Hello Mazinuk

    Welcome to this site, which has wonderful members who can help you out with most things.

    I can only tell you my experience. I have moderate copd. asthma, and an enlarged heart. I am waiting for investigations into the latter.

    I am retired, but I get extremely tired most days, and if you are working long hours along with your illness I am not surprised you feel exhausted.

    Well done for giving up smoking, you will feel the benefits in the long term.

    Velvet xx

  • Hi Mazinuk, the picture is lovely welcome to the site. Usually breathing does seem worse when first giving up the ciggies. But well done for taking the best step. I have been an ex smoker for ten years at first my chest was so bad they suspected cancer, so hang on in there it does get better with time. But I take three inhalers for this result. Take each day as it comes and take care. x

  • Welcome to the forum, Mazinuk. I have only been here a week or so but I am overwhelmed by the support that the group give each other. Sorry I can't help with your queries as I do not have COPD. But the others can offer shedloads of help.

    K x

  • Hi Mazinuk,


    Quit smoking ,according to the Mayo Clinic smoking cessation is the only reliable treatment to slow the progression of your COPD and help you maintain the lung function you have left.

    Your heart rate will start dropping, your blood pressure will decrease and your blood oxygen level will incraese as well as your lung function will improve.

    What is your saturation pressure today at rest and during activity?

    Wait for the one year mark after quitting

    Wonderful pic !!!



    P-MediCyp Ltd

  • Good Morning Mazinuk, welcome to your Healthunlocked Family!😀 Good for you stopping smoking, at first you don't feel the benefits but you will 😁 give it time!

    Love 💟the picture!😀

    huff xxx

  • Hi Mazinuk nice to meet you and welcome to the site. I can't add anything to what the others have said but just wanted to say hi.

    There is a site on here called 'QUIT' which might help you with the smoking things, if you go up to 'my communities' at the top of the page, then click into browse other communities. x

  • Hello Maz,you have already done the most important thing to help yourself and that,s giving up the coffin nails ( cigs ) so well done.It does take a while to get the full benefits of stopping but please stick with it.We are all here to help each other so make sure you ask anything you,re not sure about.Welcome D. 🌺 💐 🌸

  • Hi Maz,

    Welcome to the site, as previously mentioned it does take a while after you have given up smoking for your lungs to settle down, it must be quite a shock for them. Symbicort is your preventative long term medication, when I was using it I had to take 1 dose in the morning and 1 in the evening 24/7 and it was not so easy to breath in. Your easibreathe inhaler is for when you have problems breathing air into your lungs and the usual dose is 2 puffs at a time up to 4 times a day. If you are feeling breathless use your easibreathe rather than trying to struggle on, they maybe a bother but can be one of your best friends if you use them.

    My doctor said it would be ok if I had 1 puff of my easibreathe waited for a couple of minutes and then used the Symbicort and that helped to open my airways so that the Symbicort could get into my lungs.

    It might be of use to write down any questions that are puzzling you and then you can ask your doctor when you next see him/her. Or you always have us.



  • thanks for the support i will take questions with me on my next visit

    thanks marie

  • Hi and welcome to the site mazinuk, you have joined a most amazing family where everyone supports each other. I would be lost without everyone on here!

    Well done for giving up smoking, keep up the good work.

    Catherine x

  • Thank you for your reply I'm so grateful for all the replys I have received and look forward to getting to know everyone here I now know I can ask what ever I want even if it sounds daft coz sometimes you can feel non specific and can't explain how you really feel this is a fantastic forum

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