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got pneumonia on antibiotics back to work in the morning to a few days holiday as I kept passing out

. Dr told me find a new job or give up the one i am doing as it is not making my condition any better he also told me to move I am severe copd diagnosed last year. However my COPD only flares up during the summer humidity and pollen. He said if I continue my job I will cut my life expectancy (hard) seeing him next week not handing in my sick note can't afford not to work

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Surely you can't work with pneumonia! What job do you do?

Hope you feel better soon. Jan x


Agree that you can't work whilst got pneumonia. But once better why can't you continue in job? What do you do? Could you work part time?

My GP wanted me to finish work about 5 years ago when I was about 42 years old. Ignoring the fact I need to pay a mortgage etc I told her I wasn't ready yet. 5 years on it can be VERY tough at times but I work part time and GP now fully supports me staying in work. Is vital for my mental health to have a reason to get up in the morning.

I do only work part time and my DLA allows that otherwise financially would be impossible. If I tried to work full time my body physically couldn't take it.


Can't you just stay off work until you feel better? Is there some way you could wear a mask and take meds for the pollen allergy until you can find a more suitable job? I know it's not easy to just change your job. Do you work outside?

Huff x


I am a caretaker so dirty dust job my husband full time carer for our son who is disabled. already on stage 1 warning because I had shingles. Won't get enough money to pay rent etc and claiming housing benefit a nightmare probably get evicted before they pay also 3 rooms over my allocation.

Previous jobs microbiologist lab manager for many years took his job as last job finished and this was close to home. Don't get any other help so any advice much welcomed


I also work inside and outside. I guess Dr telling you how it is can be awful I guess I am just sinking into a depression feeling sorry for myself and fed up of not been able to walk far. Also on temp contract


Hi, I have some idea how you feel, I went back to work too soon after contracting pneumonia on a zero hours contract....I felt there was no alternative, but it made my lung condition much worse in the long run.

Can you ring the BLF helpline tomorrow and they may advise you ....hopefully you get sick pay?

The Citizens Advice Centre will help too


Thanks I Will phone them I guess just worried about finances and feeling helpless


Hi furzdale, I think your Docter just meant that your type of work will keep giving you infections which is what we have to avoid because, each one damages our lungs further and that you need to start looking after yourself now.

Did he mention you giving up work altogether and claiming benefits?

He sounds like he might be willing to help you to claim DLA/Pip, because people can work with this benefit and It's not means tested, so it's extra money.

If you get it, you then might be able to either get a part time job or try for ESA.

Or, Just another bit of brain storming but maybe, you and your husband could swap rolls.

I know caring for someone who is disabled can be very physical and mentally demanding and that could rule you out but, you really need to start getting something sorted now furzdale, because it's not worth putting your health at risk no matter how much you need the money. That's what benefits are for.

According to those who have had it on here, pneumonia takes weeks to get over. You don't need this worry of trying to earn a living, hanging over you, or the pressure.

Cab can help you fill the Pip form and you just get some letters from you Dr. Spiro results etc... And send them off with your claim.

I really hope you start feeling better soon. xx


Thank you for the advice we have spoke about changing roles my son can be violent and I can't control or restrain him he is a grown man now. We don't want him going into residential care as that is the only alternative at the moment but I will speak to CAB and have started applying for other jobs


Hi again, please take care of yourself and get all the help you can....does your son not have carers coming in each day to help your husband.

The CAB were very helpful as is the helpline.

Best wishes


Hi you might be able to claim other benefits such as council tax rebate or tax credits etc. Blf have a benefits advisor there so your best bet is to ring them.

Also doesn't your son get any benefits? He should if he is disabled.

Do you rent privately? If you do the bedroom tax won't apply to you. The system will pay the amount they work out for your area according to your needs. They might not pay enough to cover the whole rent if they consider it too high. Can you find somewhere smaller and cheaper to rent? x


Your health is much more important than work!

Please listen to what your doctor is saying and hand your sick note in, take time off and be kind to yourself x


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