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Flutiform v Seretide

Anyone else had a letter from their surgery informing them of a change to their medication from Seretide to Flutiform? Thing is I have had no consultation and my hospital specialist will not know about it. And when I research it I find it looks like a cost-cutting exercise by the Primary Care Trust rather than a clinical decision.

I am hoping to discuss with the surgery later today.

Flutiform is new, contains an extra active ingredient, has been a long time getting EU approval, is not licensed for the under 12s, has some contra-indications and appears to have ONLY been tested on the 12-18 group and only for asthma.

Now I have COPD but that includes for me broncheaectisis (is that right?) and asthma. So I am on seretide, tiotrope, carbocistene along with aspirin for arrythmia. (And penicillin 'cos of the AML 10 years ago)

I find that at my dosage of Seretide (250 mg x3 x2pd) Flutiform will save £13 a day!

It might be good, it might be better - but I get no choice; its unilateral!

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Same thing has happened to me except they've changed mine to Forstair.

I haven't tried it yet as I'm still using up the Seratide. X

You can have COPD and Bronchiectasis. As to whether Bronch is included in COPD is a debatable subject. Some think it is, some (like me) don't. I was told in no uncertain terms that I have Bronchiectasis, but NOT COPD. Although I do have a small element of bronchitis. They're still not sure about whether I have asthma or not. Very confusing indeed.

Indeed - as with you, you also have either as well as both!

If I remember rightly, someone else was changed from Seretide to Flixotide with no consultation.....Flixotide has no bronchodilator element....Seretide does.

When mine have been changed I have tried the new one but soon reported back if it does not work as well and have then gone back to the original. Monitor it and let them know if it does not work so well for you.

Good advice.

Hi Was on Seretide for many years but since developing bronchiectasis on top it didnt seem to keep me under control. I was put on Flutiform by my specialist 250mg x 2 puffs twice a day and it works well. I also no longer get a husky voice which seretide used to give me and it provides protection longer. My chemist told me Flutiform costs more than seretide? I would not change back even though I do get muscle spasms in my legs which one dr has said is from one of the ingredients in it.

Interesting - it costs £13 a day less than Seretide at that dose which is why surgeries are under pressure to change. If it works better that's fine but this was an undiscussed and unilateral decision - not good enough!

Take care Timberman, changed me to Flutiform a few months ago from Seretide and it made me ill, had to fill in a yellow card. My own Gp soon changed me back no questions asked. I am sensitive to the drug it contains it is similar to the ones in some blood pressure tablets which I already have problems with.

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Many thanks for that - awaiting call back from my surgery (hopeful!).

It is cost cutting because i also had the same thing and asked my hereford you are all looking at cost cutting all the time. IF you are over80 like me service decrease is an almost daily happening!

Yes I have severe emphysema and after using seretide for many years was switched to flutiform. I haven't noticed any difference, but early days yet. It is due to cost

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