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Just a reminder that Dall05 daughter Sophie and her friend Lucy are competing in the Triathlon on 19th July to raise funds for the BLF.

You can find her original post from a month ago in the search box.....Donkeyonthehorizon.

So far they have raised £908.75 inc Gift Aid....can we make it to the £1000? Every little helps even a pound.

Wishing them well and I hope Tony is recovering and able to check over the bikes.

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Thanks for that knitter, were all good to go here. I'm still on 30mg of pred and antibiotics but feel ok so I'll be there delivering the bikes and snapping away a few pics and vids.

Were hoping the weather will be kind to us, what chance eh!!! :)

Tony x


hi tony yes make sure they bikes are in good working order lol



I don't know flibberti, Its amazing what can be done if you pace it right. I've done enough spirometry's, so blowing up a bike tyre should come easy. Ha Ha.

Its looking good for the £1000 and thanks for sofa fund. :) .


Good luck Sophie and Lucy. I have every faith in you. Sophie like Father like Daughter, determined.

Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.

Love Suzyxxx


Way to go girls! Good luck for tomorrow. Take care and love to Tony too of course. xxx


All the best for tomorrow for Sophie and Lucy. You are brilliant to do this to raise funds for BLF. You take care Tony, don't want you to be any worse. Looking forward to seeing some pics xx


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