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Hi -Anyone out there who has had/ or has a partner who has had a lung transplant?


Is there any body out there with experience of supporting a partner through a lung transplant. Husband transplanted on June 23rd. Still in itu with a selection of problems.

Would love to hear other stories about how they coped/recovered/or didn/t. All very stressful at present.


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Hello Lesley, I don't have any experience I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you are going through such a traumatic time, I have you and Hubbie in my thoughts and prayers, hugs huff xxx


Hi I am sorry I don't have any experience of this either. I hope things look up for both of you very soon. x


Hi Lesley a few weeks ago I posted a request for similar information as I am undergoing pre-transplant tests with a view of double lung transplant as soon as possible :P So my wife will be in a similar position as your self. I didn't get info from my request but hope you do and I'll be watching out for any info / posts

Really want to wish your hubby a successful and speedy recovery and hope its not too much of a strain on you and your family during this time of uncertainty

Best Wishes



There are some previous posts about lung transplants. I don't know if any will help or not. Maybe just sift through them, you never know.


Hi Lesley,

No, but I am doing pre Lung transplant tests seems like forever they are very strick, to put you at ease your husband must have gone through many tests and they would not have done this unless he was super fit.. yes super fit .....gosh you have to be so sick to have this wonderful operation but you also have to be super fit for this procedure I am sure he will be up and about soon my though are with you both.



Hi Lesley

No not a partner but my other half and myself are supporting our best mate who needs a transplant as soon as possible. We're in his corner as he doesn't have close family or a partner. I'm sorry your husband has some problems just now but I hope these can be sorted and he makes a good recovery. Best wishes to you both x



Thank you to everyone who has replied. Just got back from Papworth tonight - Hubby sat out in a chair for a short while today and is now breathing with a trachey mask for several hours at time. Then back on the ventilator when tired. - (like a normal mask oxygen mask that goes over the trachey rather than the face).

I think may have turned the corner. I think the original time scale of 3-5 days itu and then 3-4 weeks on the ward is for the people who have no problems. ( not sure if there are many of these?). We are coming up to 4 weeks in itu, but have made definite progress past couple of days. Papworth is a fab hospital and all the people who work there are amazing. I think because hubby is young and relatively fit I thought he would sail through - now I am managing my expectations a bit better it is a bit less stressful.


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