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Ive called my lawyers!

Ok because some radiologist on the NHS looked at my scan wrong and diagnosed me with a 13mm x 6mm nodule on my right lung and natually freaked me out,it has cost me over £2500 pounds! Because of PET scans,Echos,blood tests and more tears,fear,nervous breakdown.ive instructed my solicititors to sue the NHS,I dont want some other poor soul to suffer like this.If this person does not know how to do her job she should be fired!....

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So, your saying you haven't got a nudule after all?


Hi casper,no it was confirmed by both NHS and private tests,no nodule 13x6mm also by private PET scan.


Oh dear, they've put you through hell for nothing, no wonder your seething. I wonder if they've got you mixed up with domeone else.

As for the news your clear, it's something to celebrate. I wish my Copd was a mistake, I'd be doing cartwheels round the garden lol.


Why did you rush around having all those private tests done. It would have been suggested that another scan be done within 3-6 months anyway to see if there has been any change in the nodule. A nodule does not automatically mean cancer. It can be a sign of a long standing, untreated infection or even a misdiagnosis or an unclear reading. That's why we have another scan or xray in 3-6 months.

I have four nodules on one lung. I'm not panicking about it. I'll have another scan done in 4 months. If there is reason for panic, I will panic then. I'm in Australia and I do have private health insurance.


Misdiagnosis, whether money is involved or not, is not good. The radiologist should have got a second opinion. I think any serious diagnosis should require 2 people at least.

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Good news, not cancer. But from your previous posts you weren't actually diagnosed with cancer, were you? But with a nodule that required more tests to establish what it was. Is there a nodule that is not cancerous or no nodule at all?

In my experience radiologists (..graphers?) don't diagnose. They say (write) 'there appears to be...' or 'what maybe..'; and invariably requires further procedures to determine what it is; which is what the specialists were proposing?

Did you talk to the radiologist? You don't in my experience. Have you got a copy of their report to your consultant/GP?

What are the ACTUAL words used?

I'm not a fan of the NHS, so good luck with your case but if you're going on what you've previously posted, winning won't be easy... or cheap.

Let's hope them lawyers don't just line their pockets on a lost cause.


Why have you hidden your Identity? A lot of people have changed their ID to hidden. It is puzzling to me,


Oh my goodness. That's dreadful. You poor thing. I just can't imagine - or maybe I can a little, what you have been going through.


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