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This is why im going all natural update!

Ok maybe some folk on here may think im nutty?,and you may well be right and I know it looks like im always having a go at the NHS so here is exactly what has happened to me,nothing added.they first said that they found a 13mmx6mm nodule on my right lung.I freaked out and went private having scans etc.then the NHS gave me another full chest scan and have now changed their minds!now I have a 9mm lymphnode in my chest and a 1 mm nodule in my left lung and oh yes the right lung is clear!what!!!!

Well this CT scan was done by sarah howling whom is a top london radiologist with years experiance.I got the report because i felt so unwell so furned up in A&E then after crying uncontrollably and explaining tgat i had this nodule and inwas being investgated for LUNG CANCER this really sweet young filipina nurse(she was so cute) came smiling saying you have not got cancer look!then she showed me the report!,i did not know what to think,to be honest i was stunned.her face was so sweet and smiling with this news,but after happiness and tears of joy, my brain set in ok,lymphnode in aaah cancer again....still waiting for my pet ct results!,

My life is a STORM!!!

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There ya go , nothing but good

news . You re not immortal still

but none of us are - not in this world anyway .😄. Take it easy and smooth out now .


Now chill out. Take a rest.

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Hope you don t mind i once heard of a girl being expelled from a convent for singing "poof the magic dragon" . Strict !!


Cool or maybe not. :D


Hugs puff!


Back atcha ! :)


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