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So proud!

So   proud!

Couldn't resist putting up this photo - we just had the best day! And I know that I am so lucky - even the scooter came into its own. No queuing for us - ushered straight through to the Chapel and given fantastic seats. Although as the rest of the proud families were ushered in a woman in the row in front of us refused to sit in the middle of the bench - she insisted that she sat with us! Until the usher explained that it was an area reserved for those with limited mobility. I think we need to resort to a label on my husbands forehead - Severe COPD - honestly!!! The rest of the day was fantastic and my son had booked and paid for us all to have lunch in Keele Hall. So worth the 5am start.

Thank you all so much for your support. This forum is so important and when things get tough becomes a lifeline. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. With much love TAD xxx

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You must be sooooo proud!!

I remember my own graduation and I was 40. I was presented it at Durham cathedral by Peter Ustinov what a great day. Now looking forward to my youngest daughters graduation next year. Well done 😊

GJ x


So enormously proud. How fab to have met Peter Ustinov - lucky you. And another graduation next year. Such brilliant memories. Take care xxx

What a proud moment for you,fantastic! So glad you enjoyed the day,& how lovely of your son,to arrange lunch for you.Lovely news,

Love Wen xxx


Thank you Wendells - hope you are keeping well xxx

HI Tad,

Congratulations to your son on his graduation, and to you and hubby too. Glad you had such a great day out, and you have great memories to look back on.

Great photo!

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

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Thank you huggs - hope you are feeling ok xx

You are welcome Tad, you must be so proud. I am fine thanks, just the usual stuff cropping up, but hope it disappears soon.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

Hi Tad

You are right to be proud, there is nothing better than seeing our children succeed. Both of my daughters went to university and I am very proud of them. My oldest also went to Keele and has not looked back since. Put a graduation photo on a wall which will will give you an uplift when needed, because we all get our gloomy moments from time to time.

Andy x👍


Keele is just lovely and my son has been very happy though - even though he insisted on a six month study abroad in Australia! I am just deciding which photo to order for pride of place! Thank you xx

hi tad you have every right to be proud, yes as you said maybe we should all wear labels lol you do get some ignorant people. glad you enjoyed your day.



Yes I am getting one printed for my husband - we thought about him holding one on a stick and then prodding up the offending persons' nose! xx

A very special day indeed, My daughter graduated almost 2 years ago at Manchester Met. I remember feeling so proud and lucky I had lived to see it. I was in intensive care and very ill when she started at university and she almost pulled out.

I insisted that whatever happened to me she should still go. Things turned well in the end, I'm still here and she's got her degree :) .

That's a great picture and one I'm sure you will have placed in a prime spot in the home.



It did turn out well! Tony I am so very lucky and enormously grateful xxx

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I found that photo so interesting. Yes, I am proud to say that I have one like it, son Andrew who took an open university degree some years back. He studied with a young family around him. We attended the Royal Festival Hall to see him receive his award.


So exciting isn't it pergola? xx

How proud you both must feel. Take care xx


So so so proud brooke xxx

It's lovely to hear a nice story like this. It sounds like you had a fantastic time.

People just assume that if you look ok then you are. It's so frustrating but never mind.

Wow, what an early start. Hope it didn't take too much out of you both. I'd have been nodding of in those seats, lol.

Brilliant photo too.

Much love x


Still getting over the early start Dwarly! Thank you xx


So glad you had a good day, i love the photo and your son sounds like a gem.

Hope you have many more good days

Best Wishes



Thank you music - I am so very lucky xx

Oh so pleased for you T I would up up on the roof tops shouting telling everyone

I remember being in the local supermarket and saw my daughter on the front page of the newspaper. I kept stopping people in the shop say hey that's my daughter.

What plans does your son have next?

I'm sure he will be getting his favorite tea tonight.

Take carr


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Favorite teas for many nights to come! xxx

Hello Tad,😁🍻🍸🍸🍸🍸Congratulations to your fabulous Son, bet you are still bursting with pride!😁 I remember saying to my Daughter on her big day, let's milk it! and we did, we celebrated for days!😁 huffxxxxx


Thank you - I am with you huff - he worked hard for it and deserves to celebrate it for many days to come! xx

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Glad everything went so smoothly for this memorable occasion Tad - for both of you and your son... lovely photograph xx

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Thank you lovelight xx

All the long hours of study paid off and you had a ringside seat! Brilliant...


Yes Vashti he worked really hard for that degree xxx

Such a wonderful moment for you and your hubby TAD. Glad you got the best seats in the Chapel too. Lovely photo. Lots of love, Carole xxxx

Thank You Carole - hope you are keeping well xx

Doing good thanks TAD. xxxx

Congratulations to your son Tad - you and your dh must be so very proud. I missed my daughter's graduation as I was too ill - so upsetting. Lovely 'photo Tad - glad you had a fine day out.

love cx


Oh cofdrop I am so sorry that you were too ill to see your own daughters graduation. I had invited my Mum to come too but she was too ill on Tuesday but by the magic of live streaming she was able to watch the graduation ceremony from her bed! Lots of love TAD xx

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Awe that was so nice for your Mum. My sis bought me a video which meant a lot. My daughter told me I didn't miss much as she didn't enjoy it - I think she only attended for her family or was trying to make me feel better.


She was probably telling the truth - it is all a bit tedious! xx

Just wanted to add my ha'porth too - glorious day - congratulations. My daughter graduated recently too - I remember feeling so happy. So glad you enjoyed it. x

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Thank you xx

EXELLENT, Tad, 👍 👏🏽 👍

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